Justin Rondeau

Justin Rondeau is a forward-thinking marketing professional driven by a relentless pursuit of surprises and a passion for unraveling complex puzzles.

A decade ago, Justin’s career trajectory took an unexpected turn as he found himself at the helm of a marketing department with a mission to double the size of 10,000 businesses—a role he never imagined he would embrace.

Initially skeptical of marketing and sales, Justin’s journey from a liberal arts major to a marketing leader was marked by surprising discoveries and a newfound appreciation for the intersection of data, creativity, and technology in driving business growth.

His ability to deconstruct marketing challenges and leverage innovative strategies propelled him into leadership roles where he thrived in bridging the gap between sales and marketing.

As the Co-Founder of PPC Reveal, Justin leads a team dedicated to empowering agencies and local businesses with insights into competitor advertising strategies.

Through innovative solutions, PPC Reveal provides valuable intelligence to advertisers, enabling them to gain a competitive edge and achieve success even with limited budgets.

Justin’s entrepreneurial spirit is further showcased by his role as Co-Owner & President of InvisiblePPC, a white-label AdWords management company.

With a focus on confidentiality, reliability, and proven performance, InvisiblePPC supports agencies in delivering exceptional AdWords management services to their clients, fostering growth and success.

Additionally, as Co-Owner & CMO of KUWARE, Justin spearheads digital marketing strategies tailored to businesses’ unique goals and needs.

Leveraging a wealth of experience and a talented team of professionals, KUWARE delivers results-driven solutions across various digital channels, from social media and web presence to eCommerce.

Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Justin served as General Manager of the Labs Division at The Scalable Company, where he led research and development efforts to create SaaS products aimed at helping B2B companies grow and scale.

His tenure as General Manager & Co-founder of TruConversion underscored his commitment to improving user experience through innovative customer behavior analytics tools.

Justin’s career journey is a testament to his adaptability, curiosity, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

From his early days as Director of Marketing at TemplateZone to his role as Chief Evangelist at WhichTestWon, Justin has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive impactful results and inspire others in the field of marketing and technology.

Articles by Justin Rondeau

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