By joining the Customer Value Optimization Academy, of course.

Because It. Is. Happening!

*Drum rolls* 🥁

We’ve been talking a lot about customer value optimization, customer lifetime value, customer retention, the RFM model, Net Promoter Score and many, many other concepts, all centered around the one thing that keeps an eCommerce business alive and well and hungry for more: the customer.

So we decided to create a course out of it.

Presenting a truly unique CVO Certification Course that will showcase:

  • 10+ hours of practical video lessons,
  • Spread across 20 chapters,
  • With more than 12 tools and calculators,
  • And a premium workbook tailored to each lesson.

The CVO Academy is here to teach, inspire and help you learn how to make any eCommerce more profitable and sustainable using the power of customers and focusing on the only thing that really matters: Customer Lifetime Value.

Why did we create this course?

We are living in such a competitive world that those who will win the race in eCommerce will be the ones who are customer-centric.

There are plenty of online courses that teach you how to spend marketing budgets on customer acquisition, but no one tells you how to better serve current customers and improve acquisition through them.

This course does.

Whom did we create this course for?

Whether you have an eCommerce business, you are working with one, or you simply want to learn something valuable about Customer Retention, you will find powerful insights in this course.

In short, the CVO Certification Course is for:

  • Any entrepreneur who wants to apply a customer-driven approach in their online business
  • Anybody interested to get a Customer Value Optimization certification and learn how to increase Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Retention in eCommerce
  • Anyone who is interested in Customer Behavior, Customer Segmentation, Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction measurements

PS: Marketing and Ecommerce Knowledge Level required: Intermediate – Advanced

What’s in it for you?

Each graduate of the CVO Academy will receive a unique CVO Expert Certification that they can include on their resume or as a badge on their Linkedin Profile

To be a Certified Customer Value Optimization Expert means to master leveraging the power of customers inside an eCommerce business.

Besides the financial benefit that it brings, this also comes with a better understanding of how eCommerce works.

This is your chance to appraise your knowledge and shine brighter than ever. And show it by taking your business to the next level.

What has this course in store for you?

Premium CVO content

Across the 20 chapters with 12+ tools and calculators and the premium workbook customized for each lesson, you will learn about:

  • Customer Lifetime Value Optimization
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Loyalty and Retention
  • eCommerce Growth Tactics
  • Jobs to be done Methodology
  • Customer Acquisition and Ads tactics
  • Email Marketing strategies
  • Qualitative and Quantitative analysis
  • Customer onboarding and support
  • Cohort analysis
  • Customer behavior
  • Net promoter Score

World-class instructors

9 world-class instructors are going to teach you everything you need to know about Customer Value Optimization and applying it to build a smart, sustainable eCommerce business.


These incredible people will teach you through this course how to offer and measure a great customer experience from the Awareness to the Loyalty stage.

Oh, and we cannot forget our partners at VTEX who helped us make this certification course possible.

Become a Certified Customer Value Optimization Expert!

The CVO Academy was founded by Omniconvert with the mission to put customer happiness into the focus of eCommerce players everywhere, to help them become customer-centric and reap the rewards of positive customer experience.

This premium online education platform provides high-quality, practical, and engaging online classes taught by world-renowned instructors, making it possible for anyone to learn from the best.

You can learn more about the Customer Value Optimization Academy course here and follow our LinkedIn page to keep in touch with the latest news.

Join the CVO Academy and become a Certified Customer Value Optimization Expert! ⭐