Why should you be here?

2020 has been one of a kind, don’t you agree? We were mentioning the COVID pandemic that took everyone by surprise even at our last eCommerce Growth Summit – Spring edition, where it was just at the beginning.

However, we prefer to look on the bright side, cherish our health and wish only the best for everyone, especially in the eCommerce industry which suffered the biggest changes. Suffer? Well, that’s a matter of perspective!

  • Worried about what next year has in store (see the little pun?) for your eCommerce business?
  • If you feel you’re about to get a ton of clients for Black Friday, what do you do with them when the dust settles?
  • What do the experts have to say about what happened and will happen around the world from a business perspective?

All these questions and more will be answered during the Fall Edtion of the eCommerce Growth Summit! Oh, and did we mention we collected a bunch of amazing perks from our speakers and partners for you? You sure don’t want to miss that!

Many thanks to our partners (EcommerceTech, Ecommerce News, Business 2 Community, Gorgias, Referral Candy, Firepush, Pixelied, Cartloop, Growave, Bean Ninjas and many more), main sponsor (VTEX) and incredible speakers!

Topics at hand

23 world-renowned experts are coming on November 12 and 13 to tackle 5 major topics: 

  1. Customer Retention
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization
  4. SEO & PPC
  5. eCommerce Industry Insights

Event Agenda

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We don’t want to keep you on your toes, so here is the Event Agenda:

November 12

Raul GaleraTalking about Increasing Customer Retention (and Acquisition) After The Holidays

Jon MacDonaldTalking about The 8 Laws of Conversion

John GhiorsoTalking about Gaining a Competitive Edge on Amazon

Derric HaynieTalking about Using Live Chat to Maximize Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales

Talia WolfTalking about The Biggest Mistakes People Make with Their Funnels and How to Fix Them

Martin GreifTalking about Proving Best Practices by Testing

Valentin RaduTalking about How to Nail Customer Value Optimization

Mark IrvineTalking about Personalizing your PPC Campaigns for the “New & Normal” Audiences this Holiday Season

Tim AshTalking about The Magic of Wizards and Why You Desperately Need It

Nicole Baqai and TJ Balogun – Talking about Black Friday Customer Service Checklist: 5 Tips to Survive the Madness

November 13

Kyle RoofTalking about Advanced Interlinking and Using Semantic Terms

Joep BrenninkmeijerTalking about Growth via Great CX: Proactively Helping Your Customer for a Win-Win Situation

PANEL: Miruna Mitu, Robert Berza and  Kamran Shaikh – Talking about Pre and Post Black Friday strategies from 3 eCommerce verticals

Kunle CampbellTalking about Building Resilient “Lifecycle Ad Funnels” that Acquire and Retain Customers

Augustine FouTalking about How Bad Guys Commit Ad Fraud and Trick Attribution Reporting

Cristi MovilaTalking about Collaborative eCommerce

Richard AnningTalking about How to Bring Data to the Beauty Industry

Elise ConnorsTalking about Using Data You Already Have to Win the Customers You Don’t

Jill Thayer LiliedahlTalking about Increase Profits and Avoid Missed Revenue by Forecasting Customer Demand

Phil GormanTalking about Scaling with Balance: Maintaining the 3 Pillars of E-Commerce as you Grow

Join us and be part of the eCommerce evolution and revolution!

See you LIVE!