Customers love when a brand talks to them politely, give them respect, and is always there to help them.

Brand to customer relation is pretty much the same as human to human. With care, respect, and tending to their needs, you can form a productive and long-lasting relationship to bring exponential growth to your business.  

You may have come up with the best product ever and provide high-quality services. But if your relationship with customers is mishandled, your image will be ruined, and your business will negatively get impacted.

Once I purchased an organic scrub from a new skincare brand. When I opened it, I found the consistency was not easy to handle. I immediately contacted the representative and complained about the matter. 

Their customer support representative promptly apologized, and the company sent me a replacement jar. Moreover, they also sent me an explainer video on how to apply the scrub effectively. 

And just like that, they won a loyal customer in me for life!

Importance Of Creating Loyal Customers

Excellent service by a brand is convincing enough for a person to become a loyal customer. Several brands have successfully turned their regular customers into brand advocates who share their success stories with other people.

Temkin reveals that loyal customers are seven times as likely to test an offering, five times as likely to repurchase, and four times as likely to refer. 

Making contact to build customer relationships is not enough. It is equally essential to maintain it and keep them satisfied.

Retaining a customer is five times cheaper than acquiring a new one. That’s why prominent brands and companies adopt customer retention strategies

Read on to know how you can use the right tools and strategies,  building customer enduring relationships.

Understand Your Customers

Doing your homework to understand your customers will help you build the foundation of meaningful customer relations. The information you can get about a customer through social media insights, analytics tools, and feedback is gold for your future strategies.

One more way to understand customer psychology is by conducting polls, surveys, and sending out questionnaires that will narrow down their priorities for you. 

However, it is essential to use this information in an organized way to avoid misinterpretation. Learn what social mediums they prefer and how they would like to be addressed. 

Build A Brand To Attract The Audience

To form an everlasting connection with customers, you should focus on creating a brand. The benefits of this are unlimited. A brand is not just a product; it is a lifestyle that people want to adopt and support.

Take an example of Starbucks. The world recognized company is not just another coffeehouse but a lifestyle that has become an integral part of people’s mornings.  

Build A Brand To Attract The Audience


To form a loyal bond, you can match your brand’s tone to resonate with the personality of your customers. 

Use The Right CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a groundbreaking phenomenon in automated business marketing. It has made customer support and services a lot easier and provides the benefit of retaining customers for businesses. 

CRM tools help identify the spending patterns, preferences, dislikes, and demographics of a customer. These analytics help a business to know their customers in and out. They can also be used to segment customers according to their personalities. 

Choosing the right CRM software will help you identify the most valuable prospects and launch future strategies and products catering to their needs.

Be Available Round The Clock With The Help Of Chatbots

Another automated tool that has changed the face of customer service forever is AI Chatbots. Chatbots are used by brands on their social media accounts and websites.

Chatbots are programmed softwares that can respond to general text and voice messages of viewers when you are away. They automate the communication between a brand and a customer and allow businesses to respond promptly to customers’ queries.

When customers get quick responses, they feel valued. It gives more reason for the customers to stick with a brand.

Another winning benefit of chatbots is that they can be integrated into messaging applications, allowing accessibility to customers on a higher level.

Stay In Touch Via Email Marketing

E-mails are an effective means to stay in touch with customers. They can be used to announce promotions, discounts, events, and new services.

However, spamming your customer’s inbox with several e-mails throughout the day is not something that we would suggest. They will get annoyed by your constant bugging.

Use e-mail marketing strategically to send personalized messages to your customer and cater to their needs. 

Value Their Feedback

Customer feedback gives you the information you need to strengthen your bond with customers further. What’s better than a suggestion directly from the person you are serving?

Customers’ feedback is mostly about product improvement or complaints about service mismanagement. Brands can incorporate that feedback to improve their products and services.

Businesses that value the feedback of customers succeed in getting loyal buyers because they are ready to accept mistakes and improve further.

What you, as a business, can do is to provide accessible options for customers to record their feedback. Look how Reebok has included a feedback area easily noticeable on their website.

Value Their Feedback


Green Marketing Showing Eco-Friendly Brand Values

A connection built through emotions is the strongest one!

A report by the Disney Institute suggested that the key to lifelong brand loyalty of a customer is to build and keep an emotional connection with them.

For example, in the times when the world is more mindful of the threats to the environment, as a brand, you can form an emotional connection with customers by showing them that you are an eco-friendly brand that follows sustainable manufacturing practices.  

In the years to come, going green will be a priority not only for businesses but for the customers too. Therefore, brands are making a conscious effort to build an ‘eco-friendly’ image.

They are coming up with products that can be recycled and are shifting towards sustainable manufacturing processes.

Take the example of BN3TH. The company uses biodegradable materials, and environmentally responsible production processes to manufacture underwear. They make sure that they portray themselves as an eco-friendly brand through their social media posts.

Green Marketing Showing Eco-Friendly Brand Values


How you source your material, how you manufacture products, and what resources you use for packaging and delivery are some avenues where you can adopt eco-friendly alternatives.

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Connect On a Personal Level Through Social Media 

Using Social Media to interact with customers is hands down the best way to know them and quickly connect with them. 

Your customers are among the billions of social media users, and they use it as a primary source to gain information, so it is wise to be present on the platform on which they are active.

According to a study, customers who interact with a business on social media prove to be more contributive. Be it Starbucks, Ikea, Wendy’s, or Walmart, all of them are interacting with their customers in one way or the other with social platforms.

Instagram is a platform that is increasingly gaining popularity. Its ‘story’ feature is used by brands to conduct polls and ask questions from the followers. The feedback to such posts is always overwhelming and has the potential to shape the future game plan of the brand.

Twitter, on the other hand, is mostly used by customers to post issues and different types of complaints. A good brand always takes care of its customers’ complaints and goes to limits to resolve them quickly.

Not only reviews and surveys, but there can also be fun ways to build a cordial relationship with customers. Wendy’s showed us how to do it.

Connect On a Personal Level Through Social Media


Offer Incentives 

Discounts, freebies, and other lucrative deals should be a regular part of your marketing strategy. It attracts new and old customers alike, because who doesn’t love a good discount? 

A smart trick is to offer an incentive to customers for every action, whether they subscribe to your newsletter, make their first purchase, or refer you to others.

Get inspiration from Old Navy who targets every lead on their homepage by giving varied discounts: 

Offer Incentives


Reward Loyal Customers

Once a customer enters into the loyalty club, you must keep them there by regularly offering perks. Be it premiums like chatbot support, video chats, or providing them exclusive access to products or services, you can reward them in many ways.

Look how AT&T has announced rewards for their loyal buyers. 

Reward Loyal Customers


 Build Communities 

Building communities is one of the best customer retention tactics.

These communities have a direct impact on revenue generation as well as customer satisfaction. Leveraging them will vastly improve your customer support.

According to the Marketing Insider Group, 67% of businesses take advantage of gaining customer insights via communities. It remarkably increases engagements and customer retention. 

You can use Facebook groups to build a community for your customers. They will give a forum to your customers to voice their opinions about your products and services, and engage with other customers. 

 Educate Customers

You must steer your efforts towards providing knowledge to your customers. It is a sure-shot way to build trust among them. It helps them differentiate between you and your competitors. 

A blog section on your website, infographics, and facts about your product is an excellent way to educate the buyers before they decide on buying from you again and again. 

Another aspect to build strong customer relationship through this route is that you can directly respond to the comments of customers under these blogs. They will trust you as an authority on your niche, even if you can solve a trivial issue for them.  

 Ensure a Courteous Customer Service

Last but not least, make sure your customer service is unmatched. According to Forrester, 66% of customers think that excellent online customer service is the one that values their time. 

Moreover, the Scoro blog suggests a poor customer service makes 68% of the customers leave. 

Take each opportunity when a customer interacts with you like a chance to shine with a helpful and friendly response. Be available to the customers and tend to their problems patiently. Also, show them the due gratitude if they come only to appreciate what you are doing. 

Another thing to keep in mind with customer service is to refrain from deceit and lies at any cost. The more honesty you show, the more your buyers will trust you.

If they deem that you are not honest with them, they will never be able to trust you. You might get named and shamed on public forums by customers who are deceived. 

Parting Thoughts

It is advised to practice a strategic approach while building everlasting relationships with your customers to avoid pitfalls and being nosy. By implementing the strategies mentioned in this blog, you can win the loyalty of your customers.  

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