In this week’s episode of Growth Interviews, we invite you to join our podcast conversation with Burc Tanir, an entrepreneur and experienced marketing expert with a mission of helping e-Commerce businesses in the area of pricing, through innovative automated solutions.

Growthviews figure out the economic value of retention.

Here Are The Biggest Takeaways

  • All about price tracking – 00.33
  • Tactics to influence success – 03.44
  • The importance of customer retention and customer experience – 06.36 
  • Digitization in pricing – 11.24
  • What to expect from digital entrepreneurship – 14.04

Welcome to Growth Interviews!

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Burc Tanir is the CEO of, the competitor of price tracking software for all sizes of e-commerce companies from all around the world. He loves reading, thinking, writing, and speaking about all things e-commerce. With Prisync, he and his team aim to revolutionize how e-commerce companies of all sizes manage their pricing strategies more smartly and competitively.

Our talk with Burc Tanir is dynamic, informative, and on point with the latest tech for e-commerce. You shouldn’t let it go away!

All About Price Tracking

Screenshot of a dashboard showing various widgets with data on pricing landscape, unavailable products, number of price changes per category, product price distribution, price index over time, products more expensive than average, and cheapest products.

Technology is getting better and it’s getting everywhere. Burc Tanir, Prisync’s CEO and our Growth Interviews guest is an innovative digital entrepreneur from the young generation who got software and automation a little bit further, just to make things a little bit easier for the e-Commerce companies. 

Prisync is a competitor price tracking software for e-commerce companies and innovative software that can literally track the competitors’ exact same product prices. The software offers a remarkable overview of all your competitors’ prices so any entrepreneur who uses Prisync will have a really good idea on the competition’s price, positioning and price politics. What a huge advantage!

Lately, on top of that, Prisync now also has a dynamic pricing capability, a full package product that autopilots the pricing decision-making process in an e-commerce company.

Tactics To Influence The Success

Screenshot of a computer screen showing the Prisync dashboard with price tracking and competitive pricing data. If there are specific details in the image you’d like to highlight or if you have a different focus, let me know!

Digital B2B and SaaS companies are treating marketing a little bit different and one of their best tactics is content marketing. No matter how good a product is, and we are here referring mostly to software, that product is as good as the understanding of it. If the prospects really understand the benefits, then half the sale it’s done and this is where content marketing is crucial. 

For his company, Burc Tanir used the same marketing tactic, his main “weapon” being quality and comprehensive articles about pricing, pricing strategies, best practices and pricing software. He and his team published the articles on their blog but also started early with guest posting on many websites and that helped them grow organically, stirred interest and attracted interested clients. 

Burc considers it to be a great tactic that enables the company to grow in a healthy way and generate quality leads but also to avoid unnecessary advertising expense that many times brings unqualified prospects.

The Importance Of Customer Retention And Customer Experience

Screenshot of the Prisync dashboard showing various metrics and graphs for price tracking and analytics. If there’s something specific you’d like to highlight in the alt text, just let me know!

Burc Tanir noticed the importance of retention since the early days of being an entrepreneur. Like any other young company, they were gaining a lot of clients but also losing some of them at a steady pace which made them focus more on customer acquisition at that time. “The crucial part is actually to figure out its economic value” sais Burc about customer retention and we couldn’t agree more. 

No matter how cheap the acquisition costs are, keeping a customer is seven times cheaper and, especially for SaaS companies, loyal customers mean that the customer experience is offering everything it was expected of it. 

Focusing on customer experience, in Burc’s opinion, becomes more important after the phase of aggressive customer acquisition when the company reaches a certain stage of maturity.

The relation the customers feel they have with the products is at the core of customer experience, From his experience, it’s also more profitable to invest in customer experience and keep and nourish the existing clients as they will keep investing in the product and also bring new reliable, long term clients fro which the acquisition cost was minimal.

Digitization In Pricing

Pricing toolbox containing tools for pricing research, price intelligence software, price e-commerce software, CPQ, price optimization software, deal management, dynamic value-based pricing, pricing analytics.

Although now yet very popular, digitization in pricing is what interests and fascinates Burc Tanir and he emphasizes that we can already see many changes in this area. Every day, more retailers are using digital price tags to have better control over their pricing politics. Also, more digital shops are adding digital price tagging and implementing automation on price tags and Burc considers these being exciting times especially ‘because that helps companies like us to also deal with physical price points to e-commerce price points.’

What To Expect From Digital Entrepreneurship

Illustration of digital entrepreneurship with hands holding a wallet and clicking a mouse, surrounded by icons representing online business activities.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not only a decision that will change a person’s life but a decision that will entirely change a person. No matter how prepared young entrepreneurs consider themselves to be, from Burc Tanir’s point of view and experience, everyone lives and feels things differently and everyone has a different and very personal path. 

If there would be a single piece of advice Burc would give, it is never to forget that we are humans working with and for other humans. Building real relations and establishing connections is for Burc Tanir one of the most important aspects in setting trust into a business relationship. No matter how hard it gets flying across the world just to do that, it’s the most important.


Digitalization and automation in pricing is just starting to develop opening new streams of business, leveraging experts and companies and creating streams of new opportunities for e-Commerce. Implementing automated price tagging not only creates opportunities but it also helps specialists have better control over the changes they are doing while sparing them a lot of time and unnecessary effort.

We hope you enjoyed our video interview with Burc Tanir.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Prisync ensure the accuracy of competitor pricing data?

Prisync uses advanced web scraping and data collection techniques to ensure the pricing information from competitors is up-to-date and accurate. The system continuously monitors changes and updates the data in real-time, providing users with reliable and current pricing information.

Can Prisync's dynamic pricing feature be customized for different types of products?

Yes, Prisync’s dynamic pricing feature can be customized according to the specific needs of different products and categories. Users can set rules and parameters based on factors such as competitor pricing, market trends, and inventory levels to optimize pricing strategies for various product types.

What are some common challenges e-commerce businesses face when implementing automated pricing solutions?

Common challenges include integrating the automated pricing solution with existing systems, ensuring data accuracy, and managing the initial setup and configuration. Businesses also need to train their teams to effectively use the new tools and adapt their pricing strategies to leverage the benefits of automation fully.