Oana Predoiu

Oana Predoiu is a seasoned content and copywriter, with 7+ years of expertise in transforming ideas into captivating stories.

Since the beginning of her career, in 2017, she has passionately believed in the profound influence of storytelling.

With a keen eye for research, Oana writes stories that stay with her audience long after they’ve been told.

Oana’s experience in Direct-Response Copywriting sharpened her skills of creating content across various digital platforms, including digital ads, email campaigns, landing pages, websites, infographics, and video ads.

Her collaborative approach, working closely with designers, web developers, and project managers, ensures the seamless integration of her ideas into marketing assets that drive results.

One of Oana’s most notable achievements was organizing an online copywriting course in 2021, where she and her colleague provided invaluable insights to over 90 participants, helping them understand the nuances of the copywriting industry and the art of writing persuasive copy.

With a keen interest in tech and AI advancements, Oana explores the intersection of technology and storytelling, particularly in the realm of marketing.

Her passion for understanding how data influences customer experience, A/B testing, user testing, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) shows her commitment to driving impactful results for businesses.

Throughout her career, Oana has remained dedicated to creating value for consumers through her writing.

Her belief that a good product forms the foundation for great marketing resonates in her work, where she strives to enrich people’s lives with words that resonate deeply with audiences.

Articles by Oana Predoiu

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