Convincing people to accept your ideas isn’t the easiest thing to do, right? We all had once a brilliant idea, but couldn’t apply it because others didn’t believe in it like we did. Was this really the cause? Or weren’t we able to persuade them to accept it? Professor Robert Cialdini comes with an answer: there are 6 principles of persuasion that can influence people to say “yes”.


Robert Cialdini is worldwide recognized as:

  • professor of psychology and marketing;
  • brilliant thinker in psycho-sociology and its application in marketing, sales, fundraising, advertising;
  • brilliant doer in negociation, communication, management, leadership;
  • author of the bestseller “Influence.The power of Persuasion”;
  • experimental researcher




His besteller is exposing the 6 principles of persuasion, as it follows:

  1. reciprocity
  2. scarcity
  3. consensus(social proof)
  4. commitment and consistency
  5. authority
  6. liking/simpathy

Cialdini’s passion for psycho-sociology led to a huge benefit for humanity. You may say that this statement is exaggerated, but all the people who have worked with him do confirm it through testimonials:

“Robert Cialdini, through his intensive research, has clearly shown that it is possible to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of persuasion to bring about amazingly positive results.”


Pratap Nambiar,

Regional Exeutive Partner, KPMG Global Markets Asia Pacific



As a professor of psychology and marketing at Arizona State University, Cialdini realized that his experimental research in labs wasn’t enough to prove that some psychology principles influence one’s tendency to comply, to say “yes” to a requirement. So, in order to expand his research, Cialdini started to work with professional experts in sales, marketing, fundraising, advertisers to test and confirm his presupositions. The result was a bestseller, worldwide awarded and recognized: “Influence.The Psychology of Persuasion”, also listed in “Top 75 Smartest Business Books” by Fortune Magazine.

In the introduction of “Influence.The Psychology of Persuasion” Cialdini confessed that he was a man who couldn’t say no, a “patsy” as he called himself. As a result of this behavior, he began to ask himself what are the main reasons why people submit to others’ ideas, offers, proposals: “Probably this long-standing status as sucker accounts for my interest in the study of compliance: Just what are the factors that cause one person to say yes to another person?And which techniques most effectively use these factors to bring about such compliance?


The articles concerning each of the 6 principles of persuasion will be published dailly during a week: “Cialdini’s daily tip”, proudly presented and adapted by Omniconvert. The first article will show how you can easier convince your visitors and customers to say “yes” by making them feel like they owe you. This is the principle of reciprocity. Ready to ease your work?