Cialdini’s Tip for today is Scarcity or “The Rule of the Few”. You will learn how to use the rarity to convince your visitors or customers to get your offer, to buy your products, more exactly, to convert.

In e-marketing “The rule of the few” can be simply applied. Why is it so simple? Convince yourself by taking a look at the following examples:



Even if the product is in stock, if one visitor is conscious that ordering within 10 hrs 36 mins will get him a better deal, he will proceed to get the offer. Knowing that the offer is available only for a limited time, he will be more likely to get it now, instead of waiting till some other day.



These guys are really smart; they’re using the principle of scarcity at its full capacity:

Time pressure/Emergency: Studio(2 Adults) has just been booked and only 4 rooms are available!

Rarity/Scarcity: In London, only 147 out of 1444 properties are available. Their message sounds like this : “You should hurry up or you will live on the streets for a few days!”



Booking a vacation usually gives us headaches when we calculate the cost of it. So, almost everytime, we search for special offers, early booking etc., but not always we do find the best deal. is using the principle of scarcity displaying content that make their visitors feeling pressured by time: “Hurry, the deal is only valid through midnight wednesday!”

So, will you apply this principle for your online business?