The Complete Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization. If you’ve dropped by any marketing blog, you’ve probably seen this term crop up from time to time. You might have even heard of the stupendous results it can deliver, from increasing sales to capturing thousands of additional leads.

What exactly is conversion rate optimization – or CRO for short? How can it help your business? How do you go about setting up a CRO campaign?

In this in-depth guide, we’ll answer all these questions and more.

Who is this guide for?

We wrote this guide for anyone who wants to better understand conversion rate optimization. That said, the people who will benefit the most from this guide are:

  • Experienced marketers who want to learn more about conversion rate optimization and implement it in their organization or offer it as a service.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn how CRO works and how they can use it in their startups.
  • Established businesses and E-commerce store owners who want to understand conversion rate optimization fundamentals before hiring a CRO agency.

While knowledge of marketing will help, it is not necessary for understanding this guide. Anyone, regardless of experience or industry, can read, use and benefit from this guide.

How to use this guide?

We recommend reading this guide once quickly to get a firm grip on conversion rate optimization fundamentals. After that, use this guide as a reference to clarify core CRO fundamentals, gather testing ideas or learn from case studies. Feel free to print a copy for your marketing library.

How is this guide organized?

This guide is organized into five chapters covering every aspect of conversion rate optimization.

Chapter 1: Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization

Learn more about CRO, its core elements and how it can help you. 

  • Section I: What is Conversion Rate Optimization?
  • Section II: Why Does CRO Matter?

Chapter 2: Your First Steps in CRO

Understand CRO fundamentals and take your first steps towards setting up a CRO campaign.

  • Section I: What CRO is NOT
  • Section II: The Conversion Rate Optimization Process

Chapter 3: Gathering Data – The Foundation of CRO 

All successful CRO campaigns start with gathering data. Learn how to capture subjective and objective data from potential and existing customers in this chapter.

Chapter 4: The A/B Testing framework

A/B testing is the heart of CRO. Learn how it works and the framework to follow for effective A/B testing in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Placing segmentation and personalization in the CRO mix (To be published)

Personalization makes communication with your audience relevant. Learn from this chapter how to use personalization to increase your conversion rates.