Imagine this situation ?

You become the client of your own shop. If you receive a question like “On a scale from 0 – 10, how would you rate the experience with”, what would you answer? Please, be brutally honest!

Harvard Business Review made a research back in 2005 and they found out that 80% of CEOs thought that they were delivering a top experience. But when the customers were interviewed, only 8% agreed. We are 15 years later and the gap is pretty similar.

eCommerce shops are too busy with acquisition reports, stocks, suppliers, and P&L reports, but they’re missing the big picture: they first started the business to offer something valuable to the people and generate an income.

When eCommerce stores ask for our help, they generally feel that their business can do better. But how the hell to do it? There are so many variables!

One of the first instincts they have is to improve their website. And that’s totally legitimate. One of the causes of bad customer experience comes from the website, but the website is only one touchpoint in the customer journey, so it can’t solve the whole problem.

The solution is to find sustainable growth and you can only find this in a better customer retention strategy that ultimately leads to a better Customer Experience. 

In 2019, we surveyed 450 eCommerce professionals and we found out that only 34% of the total monitor their Customer Retention Rate, a key metric for measuring Customer Experience.  

To find out how important it is to look at every touchpoint in the customer experience and how you can increase your ROI by increasing your Customer Lifetime Value, read the CX eBook that you can download below. 

What’s in it for you? 

  • Multiple reasons why you should focus on Customer Experience
  • How you can create the best Customer Experience for your shop
  • How to Map the Customer Journey from As-is to To-be 
  • How to measure your Customer Experience Efforts 
  • Important factors that impact the Customer Experience 

We joined forces with our friends from Gorgias that offer Customer Service Solutions, Referral Candy who are the kings of Word-of-Mouth marketing and Swanky Agency who are the master of Shopify store services and launched a very comprehensive guide meant to give you more confidence on differentiating your online business through Customer Experience.