If you want to build a successful business, you need to take care of your most important asset – customers. And you may know this already, returning customers account for a third of the overall money spent online and spend almost three times more than one-time shoppers. It is also cheaper to bring back a current customer than finding a new one.

So, for many businesses, customer retention has become an essential part of the sales strategy, especially when clicks and conversions keep increasing costs in a crowded eCommerce environment. Every touchpoint on the customer journey is an opportunity to re-engage and gain more revenue.

If you want to stay relevant and keep your best customers satisfied, this is the article for you. I will show you eight awesome customer retention strategies that can increase trues, build loyalty, and, most importantly, increase profits. Let’s get started!

Create a customer loyalty program

Create a customer loyalty program

Create a customer loyalty program

Customer loyalty programs are an effective way to increase purchase frequency because they motivate customers to buy more often to earn valuable rewards. This is a profitable exchange for both you and your customers: they earn more value each time they purchase, and you benefit from their retention.

A loyalty program can be as simple as a reward for customers who purchase a second time or achieve a set of figures. Check your store reports to see who your best customers are in value and total orders. In addition, you can use loyalty apps that can automatically reward your customers based on your reference.

You can encourage customers to join the program by giving welcome points when they create an account. If they can see how easy it is to earn rewards, they will be more excited to do it again in the future.

Use email marketing for engagement

If buying repetition is the backbone of customer retention rate, then email marketing is the backbone of your customer engagement.

Email is the opportunity to build relationships with customers before and after their purchase. It is important that every message you send adds value to your existing customer experience. If not, then you risk losing them.

Just like how you nurture new employees to understand the company’s goals & culture, you must also train your customers through email newsletters. Using emails at certain points in the customer journey can be very effective.

Because they can give customers the feeling as a part of your business with constant updates about any changes or promotions, this is a strong motivating factor for their purchase decisions.

Personalize the communications

When it comes to customer service, you can’t put in just a little effort and expect results. You need to go all out, and personalization is the key to building strong relationships and overcoming your competitors.

No matter the tools your competitors are using; if you are able to have a personal connection with your customers, you can meet their needs. And you can do personalization at many different levels. Emails are the obvious option.

You can also personalize the communication methods by creating customized content that engages customers based on their stage in the sales funnel. In a live chat, customer service calls, or FAQ page, you can still have a personalized touch to make your customers happy.

Build a community around your brand

Build a community around your brand

Build a community around your brand

People don’t really connect with just the brand; they connect with other people that are also connected to your brand. Tell the visitors on your website that your customers are not buying a product or service; they are buying a ticket into a wonderful community.

Your brand community can be a group of like-minded people or people that many would want to be more like. If you are endorsed by celebrities or influencers, your brand will be the door of connection for famous people and their fans. By that, you become a symbol, not just a company anymore.

So, find common ground for a community around your brand. You will sell them a lifestyle that they wish to achieve, and soon enough, a crowd will appear to be your followers.

Overdeliver your promises

Because it is dangerous to promise what you can’t offer, when a customer is dissatisfied, he/she may tell 20 more people about the negative experience with a brand. To avoid hurting your customers and business, the rule of thumb is Under-promise and over-deliver.

When you follow this rule, you will be able to exceed customer expectations. After all, you know you can go beyond your promise in the first place.

The truth is: only a few brands succeeded in exceeding expectations. Promises come with more expectations. When customers expect, they will be in a delicate stage – and each of your actions can make or break your brand.

A recent study has revealed that undelivered promises incite revenge against an organization that doesn’t honor them.  Over-promising and under-delivering is the simplest way to lose credibility.

Buyers can also be aggressive when frustrated. If you promise to deliver a product in 20 minutes, make it there in 15 minutes or even just 5 minutes. And you should keep everything from product descriptions to promotional offers as truthful as possible. Simple as that, and you have succeeded in pleasing your customers.

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Improve from customer complaints

You need to hide from customers’ complaints at all costs, right? On the contrary, you should learn from them. Complaints are one of your biggest marketing assets.

Through them, you can know about the needed-fixes in your products and services. They also reveal what you should improve in your business and what should be ignored. In the complaints, you know what customers care about and what they expect of your brand.

What you should know is that customers who complain are willing to stay. Others would just disappear without leaving a comment, and that’s not good. If you can resolve complaints in customers’ favor, 70% of them would buy from you again.

Therefore, pay attention to your customers who complain. They are the ones who are still interested in your business and would like to buy more.

Use real customer reviews and testimonials

Use real customer reviews and testimonials

Customer reviews, star ratings, testimonials are all the resources you already have to retain customers. They are important metrics that can make visitors trust your brand enough to make a purchase.

Negative reviews always influence people’s purchasing decisions, and there are no credible brands that buyers can buy from without reading any reviews. Even for big companies like Amazon, Apple, or Wal-mart, online shoppers would still read reviews about Kindle, iPad, and so on.

This brings us to an important question: What do people say about your company? And what can you use them for? Both testimonials and customer reviews are powerful tools to retain your customers, that is the question. 

When new customers read real reviews, they will quickly see that people are using and earning benefits from using your product. And the reviews don’t even have to be 100% positive to inspire new customers.

A few benefits of real customers reviews and testimonials are:

  • Building trust with customers.
  • Showing the best features of your product or service to the customers.
  • Speaking for you in an honest way, since they are customers’ words, not your own words.
  • Encouraging buyers to act fast if they don’t want to miss a good deal that many others have bought.

You don’t have to collect all your reviews by hand to showcase them, I would like to recommend a tool called Social Proof by Avada. The app lets you display social proof (reviews, purchase, and sign up) as notifications on all of your site’s pages. So, when someone is wondering if he/she should buy a product, Social Proof will popup to notify that some other visitor has already purchased. It is a powerful move to turn a visitor into a customer.

Offer surprises in the customer service

Most of us love surprises. When it comes to retaining customers, you can have valuable offers that they gain without their knowledge. Surprise packages or offers won’t cost you a fortune, but they will leave a surprise and lasting impression in buyers.

If you want the customers to retain and keep trusting your brand, you should go beyond what a normal product or service can offer. Surprise can also motivate customers. It is a form of appreciation that can act as a strong motivating factor in customers’ next buying decision.

Also, surprises are good for the brain and bring pleasure. It is a special spice of life that you don’t want to wait until your customers make a request to serve. You can make your customers feel like they are special, and that is priceless.

Offer your buyers free gifts and discounts when they don’t expect it. This can change their views on your business, and, in exchange, you can inspire them to leave honest feedback about your product or brand. Good gestures often pay forward, so just try it.

Final advice

From small startups to huge companies, customer retention has always been an important part of the sales strategy to bring great results in revenue, exposures, and conversion. You will need to be patient to see the tactics above work; after all, you are building special relationships with the customers.

Focusing your time and energy on customer retention can pay back big time, so I hope you can give it the time it needs. Thanks for reading, and tell me in the comment section which customer retention tactic you use for your company!

Author bio:

Chance is a marketing specialist at Avada Commerce – a fast-growing eCommerce solution provider, whose goal is to never write a boring article. His enthusiasm for online business has spanned over two years, accompanying his articles with in-depth knowledge about eCommerce. He also enjoys drinking tea and playing Exploding Kittens in his free time.