Constantly keeping an eye on the Customer Satisfaction Index – CSI- will help you analyze if your services have a positive or negative impact on your clients. Knowing this information, you can plan a strategy based on your customers’ needs and attitudes that will certainly improve your CSI.

Through CSI you can easily build a long time relationship with your customers. You can approach them with personalized interactions, giving a special experience on your website. Visitors will return on your website for this experience, for your impeccable services and products and, probably, they will recommend you to their friends and relatives. Word of Mouth is the most effective channel to promote your business. People rather value their friends’ opinions than an advertisers’ words. Don’t forget that people trust people like them!

Usually, a high Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is associated with a high Net Promoter Score, because of the positive effects of Word of Mouth (WOM). Once customers are pleased with one’s website and gets involved in its social media activities, they are more likely to recommend it to others around.

Customer Satisfaction Index can be measured with different aspects of your website, such as:

  • Offers

There are more types of offers, depending on the page your visitor is. Design your offers according to each part of your e-commerce sales funnel. For instance, you can have home page offers, product page offers, cart page offers and post order offers.

Home page offers can be used when you want a fast increase in sales numbers, when you hold a clearance sale or when you want to guide your visitors to buy certain products.

On the product page, offers tend to have a scarcity element that will pressure your customers to buy faster. Time pressure can be a great trigger for customers! Here are some examples: “There are only 3 rooms available left!” (hotel), “Buy now and you will get a 15% discount!”, “Free shipping for orders over 100$!”

Give your customers the element of surprise on the cart page. Deliver some unexpected surprises that will make them act and send thier order. The principle “Under promise, over deliver” can do wonders!

Post order offers are very important for CSI, having a major impact on your customers’ satisfaction. For example, you can give vouchers for further orders or even suggest your customers to recommend you: “If you’ve enjoyed your experience on our website share it with your friends and let them be part of our world!”. You don’t always have to send vouchers and discounts. Send out free guides, e-books and other materials containing relevant information for your customers.

  • Delivery and shipping

A safe and rapid delivery system will definitely improve your CSI. Customers want to know they will receive their products right away, because nobody likes to wait. Also, deliver your products intact, without any flaws. Do more than just a simple product delivery and give your customers an entire experience using smart packaging.

Try to reduce delivery costs as much as you can. The ideal scenario is to have no shipping costs at all. Your customers will be more than delighted to have a safe, fast and free delivery system!

  • Payment options

It’s better to have as many payment options as you can. Knowing that he can pay in any possible way on the market, your customer will use the one he feels safe with.

  • Returns policy

Inform your clients that it’s ok to return something and to get their money back. If so, make sure to ask why they returned the product. Find out what the problem is and give a proper solution to solve it! Make sure you have an accessible returning policy, that can be easily seen on your website.

Customer Satisfaction Index can be determined either by displaying surveys on site or by sending post order emails. Unlike simple visitors, customers are usually willing to spend 3 minutes to answer to the retailer’s questions concerning the products and services.

Surveys are very important tools to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Investigate why your visitors leave your website without buying. Investigate why your conversion rate is going down or why you have a sudden increase in numbers. You can find out all these reasons by directly asking your customers! Know what their needs and problems are, you will design personalized strategies and you will definitely boost your conversions, therefore, your sales and revenues.

For example, you can create a survey using Omniconvert. You have the option to choose between a pop-up survey or a widget survey:


To find out a true measure of CSI you need to ask a few, simple and concise questions, such as:

  • Would you return to our website?
  • What is your general opinion on our website?
  • Do you have any suggestions for us?
  • Would you recommend our website to your friends and family?

The surveys’ results will provide you an overall picture of CSI.

In conclusion, Customer Satisfaction Index is an important KPI for Conversion Rate Optimization, that provides valuable information, which, if properly used, will increase the returning visitors and establish a long-term relationship with customers.