We invite you to discover the remarkable people that have built the foundation of what we call Customer Value Optimization, Customer-Centricity, and Customer Experience today.

Although the experts that shaped the Customer Value Optimization world come from various domains, they all have one thing in common: they have been helping eCommerce businesses generate better results based on proven methods.

What is Customer Value Optimization?

Everything you need to generate sustainable growth is in your customer behavior data, from what attracts new customers to your brand to what makes them stay loyal in the long term. Customer Value Optimization gives you the right framework to put all customer information together and clarify the next steps for the entire company.

Customer Value Optimization is a process that helps eCommerce companies analyze customer behavior data and use the generated insights to improve customer experiences, acquisition, and retention. 

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The Customer Value Optimization methodology is based on the contribution of remarkable experts from various domains that had a massive impact on the eCommerce world.

Peter Fader

Peter Fader is a renowned academician and practitioner. He is an expert in customer lifetime value (CLV), behavioral data analysis, and Customer-Based Corporate Valuation. Fader won multiple awards for his research and teaching, and two of his most popular publications are “Customer Centricity” and “The Customer Centricity Playbook.

He is Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Director & Co-Founder at Theta. His company uses the Customer-Based Corporate Valuation® methodology to help businesses generate better value estimations based on predictive customer behavior.

His research around customer centricity, CLV, and RFM is fundamental for the Customer Value Optimization methodology. Reading Peter Fader’s work, you will see why not all customers are created equal and how you can use customer data to grow your business.

Discover how Peter Fader’s work shapes the eCommerce world

Drew Sanocki

Drew Sanocki has over 20 years of experience in eCommerce and used email marketing as a source of growth for several companies he managed. In his online courses, Sanocki shares his expertise in email marketing with professionals who work in eCommerce and want to learn how to double revenue in less than a year using this cost-effective channel.

His email marketing strategies helped him grew DesignPublic.com into a seven-figure business, took Karmaloop.com from bankruptcy to profitability, and are a source of sustainable growth for AutoAnything.com, the company he currently manages as CEO.

Sanocki is an active writer and constantly publishes on his blog, Nerd Marketing. One of the best reads you can have on his blog is “Introducing: Customer Value Optimization, The Formula for Epic Growth,” an article that will help you better understand the principles of CVO.

Learn from Drew Sanocki how to supercharge your email marketing efforts

Kevin Hillstrom

Kevin Hillstrom is a database marketing expert with over 20 years of executive experience in the retail industry. He is the founder of the consulting company MineThatData, helping over 250 companies enable the power of data and grow their business based on his methodologies. 

Hillstrom has over two hundred published on The MineThatData Blog and several books published. He shares his experience in database marketing to help eCommerce companies develop strategies based on healthy principles.

The principles that he promotes are fundamental for the success of CVO. In “Hillstrom’s Email Marketing Excellence,” he shows that email marketing, like any channel, dies only if you allow that to happen. Another essential read is “Hillstrom’s Loyalty: Measuring Why It Is So Hard To Grow a Business via Loyal Customers,” where you’ll learn that product assortment and customer behavior analysis are mandatory for improving loyalty programs.

Read Kevin Hillstrom’s publications to enable your eCommerce company’s growth

Michael Schrage

Michel Schrage’s work is essential for the effective usage of customer value optimization tools in eCommerce. He is an expert in generating business innovation through collaborative tools and technologies.

Schrage is a Visiting Fellow at Imperial College Business School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and has published numerous articles in prestigious publications such as Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal.

His books help eCommerce owners and specialists improve their experiments and how teams use collaboration as a source of innovation. In “Recommendation Engines,” he shows how big companies use the power of recommendation engines to influence customers’ decisions. In “The Innovator’s Hypothesis,” he offers a framework that small teams can use to generate innovations.

Discover Michael Schrage’s publications and learn to generate innovative ideas

Daniel McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy is an expert in applying statistical methodology to solve contemporary problems in marketing departments. He is the co-creator of the “customer-based corporate valuation” methodology and the co-funder of Theta, along with Peter Fader.

McCarthy is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business. His research appeared in famous publications like Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron’s, Inc Magazine, and The Economist.

His research helps subscription-based and non-contractual eCommerce businesses improve customer acquisition, retention, and customer lifetime value. The customer-based corporate valuation methodology is appreciated by marketing and finance teams alike as it helps them have a unified view over what value means for their business.

Dive into Daniel McCarty’s research on corporate valuation

Neil Bendle

Neil Bendle is an expert in marketing metrics, strategy, and research. He dedicates his research, teaching, and blogging activity to marketing metrics, understanding competition, and decision-making processes.

Bendle is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, and the Chair of the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) Advisors.

Any marketer can find plenty of advice and guidance in Bendle’s publications. He offers more clarity over measuring marketing performance, understanding the competitor-oriented approach, analyzing user-generated content, and evolution of customer research.

See how you can apply Neil Bendle’s research in your marketing department

Bruce Hardie

Bruce Hardie is an expert in data-based models and developing probability models for customer analysis. He is a Professor of Marketing at London Business School, UK, and his research helps marketers and decision-makers perform better customer analysis.

In “RFM’ and ‘CLV’: Using Iso-value Curves for Customer Base Analysis,” Hardie and his co-authors, Peter Fader and Ka Lok Lee, offer a new model that helps businesses connect RFM and CLV: 

Key to this analysis is the notion of ‘iso-value’ curves, which enable us to group together individual customers who have different behavioral histories but similar future valuations. Iso-value curves make it easy to visualize and summarize the main interactions and tradeoffs among the RFM measures and CLV.

Learn more about Bruce Hardie’s work on customer analysis and decision-making

Amy Gallo

Amy Gallo is an expert in conflict, communication, and workplace dynamic, with a mission to “transform complex and thorny ideas into easy-to-apply advice.” 

She is a teacher at Brown University, contributing editor to Harvard Business Review’s publications, writer, speaker, and co-host of Woman at Work podcast.

The workplace is full of challenges, but Gallo’s work helps people find the straight to transform ideas into business cases, productively resolve conflicts, maintain win-win relationships, prioritize tasks, and offer better feedback.

Her work inspired how eCommerce businesses should organize their departments and coordinate initiative to apply the customer value optimization methodology successfully.  

Get inspiration from Amy Gallo’s work and develop a better work environment

How can you become an expert in Customer Value Optimization?

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  • Cristi Movila – Collaborative Ecommerce

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