After two years of research, development and some success stories, the moment has come.

We are officially launching REVEAL, our Customer Value Optimization platform in an amazing online event on June 24th, 12 PM EDT (5 PM UK) starring:

And our special guest from Decathlon, Dragos Brinza – Head of Digital.

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It’s true. eCommerce companies need to obsess over Lifetime Value (LTV). Two+ decades have gone into companies mastering CAC and we’re all pretty good at it, which means it’s getting more expensive every day. The opportunity is in the part of the buyer’s journey we’re all pretty bad at – customer success/retention/LTV.

Reveal by Omniconvert – A Customer Value Optimization (CVO) platform that serves as a unique source of truth about your Customer Value. Reveal will help you create personalized customer experiences within your store that can ultimately empower you to retain your customers more and make smarter decisions regarding your acquisitions. 

Reveal is integrated with Shopify and plans to become one of the best Shopify apps on its niche.

REVEAL’s RFM tool will provide you with powerful insights into your Customer Buying Behavior. You will be able to grow the Customer Value of your existing customer base by accessing the most important metrics:

  • RFM Segmentation & Analysis
  • NPS Score Monitoring
  • Buying behavior
  • Ongoing Personalization

What will you learn from participating in this event

  • Why Customer Value Optimization matters so much and is more cost-efficient than other acquisition strategies
  • How to look differently at what is really going on with the vital KPIs for your eCommerce: LTV, NPS, CoCA
  • How to monitor and define A retention program for all the touchpoints in the customer journey
  • How to identify your ICP to help you find the best audience to target
  • How to segment the customers based on their recency, frequency, monetary value
  • How to personalize the web experience and email campaigns according to the segment they’re in

… and how REVEAL comes into play!

Event Agenda

20 minutes Reveal tour

7:20PM EEST – 7:40PM EEST 
Dragos Brinza (Decathlon) – Valentin Radu (Omniconvert)
How has Reveal changed the understanding of data at Decathlon

7:40PM EEST – 8:30PM EEST
Panel: Tim Kilroy, Shanelle Mullin, Guido Jansen, Valentin Radu, Tim Ash
Customer Value Optimization – Why Customer Value Optimization is vital for eCommerce Growth

Make sure to not miss out on this amazing opportunity of learning more about the new trends in eCommerce and find out a new way of shaping your eCommerce growth.