Short biography

Drew Sanocki has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and M.B.A from Stanford, has served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy and has been working in eCommerce for over 20 years.

He started his first business in 2002, a Modern Design Retailer called, grew it into a seven-figure business, and sold it in 2011. His next success was, a street-wear apparel retailer that he took from bankruptcy to profitability in less than a year.

Sanocki is currently CEO of, a nine-figure retailer that sells auto accessories. He also runs an advisory and implementation firm named and writes on the eCommerce and marketing blog

Email marketing was critical to the growth of all the businesses Sanocki managed, and he passes on his learnings to companies that want to build their growth plan fueled by a well-designed email marketing program.

Drew Sanocki’s contribution to the Customer Value Optimization world

Online course on eCommerce growth: “Double your eCommerce revenue in less than a year.”

In this course, Drew Sanocki shares his experience from Karmaloop and shows you how you can double the revenue of your eCommerce business by focusing on three main areas: 

  • Acquiring the highest value customers;
  • Increasing Average Order Value;
  • Generating repeat customers through win-back email campaigns.

Here’s a simple calculation of the impact you can expect from applying the tips Sanocki shares in the course hosted by

There are only 3 ways to grow an eCommerce company: (1) increase the number of customers, (2) increase the average order value (AOV), or (3) increase the average number of purchases per customer. The beauty of these is that they multiply. A mere 30% increase in each of the three levers, more than possible in a year, doubles the company. 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.3 = 220%.” 

Online course on Shopify Compass: “Ecommerce Email Marketing 101.”

This course covers everything an eCommerce company should know to turn this cost-effective channel into a growth engine: building an engaged email list, nurture relationships, and putting the channel on autopilot with effective automation.

The email marketing principles that Sanocki presents can be applied by companies that are new to this managing this channel, while the advanced companies can go straight to the final three modules of the course.

By the end of the course, you’ll have an entire email marketing strategy in place. You’ll know how to start and grow an email list, then optimize your Shopify store and make more profits by sending the right email to the right customer at the right time,” says Sanocki, your instructor for this course.

Blog: Nerd Marketing

Sanocki describes Nerd Marketing as “the destination for smart, time-saving marketing strategies for growing eCommerce businesses,” and his goal with this blog is to help you “do less and earn more.

If you are still skeptical or confused about Customer Value Optimization, there’s one must-read article on his blog: “Introducing: Customer Value Optimization, The Formula for Epic Growth.

In this article, he explains why CVO is a strategy “leading to significant profitable growth at company after company I have worked with.

Here’s one of our favorite takeaways from this blog post:

[…] If you implement CVO, your dollars do double-duty. Every dollar you spend on retaining a great customer not only increases their CLV, it increases the CLV of all future customers you acquire.

And if you are more into listening to podcasts than reading, we recommend. these three episodes:

Self-paced email course

Sanocki created a self-paced email course that includes seven lessons about how to double your eCommerce business for all the eCommerce enthusiasts who prefer to get their doses of information daily. 

If you are opting-in for this course, you will get a lesson and an assignment daily, worksheets that you can complete, and Sanocki can check, helping you grow through his feedback. You can subscribe to this course on his blog, Nerd Marketing (you’ll find the form at the button of the homepage).

The Karmaloop Case-Study 

If you are interested in finding more about the Karmaloop success story, you should watch Sanocki’s presentation from WooCommerce, “The Top Growth Secrets Of 9 Figure eCommerce Retailers All Of Which You Can Steal.”

He presents how the company could evolve from bankruptcy to a $10 million sale in less than a year. Briefly, the key for this success story was a big shift from the emphasis on acquisitions towards customer analysis and retention. 

Watch the presentation to see how any company can expect the same spectacular spin by identifying the best customers and focusing on generating growth.