We’re happy to announce that you have unlimited access to our newly launched “How to Play the eCommerce Game in 2022”, a new interactive program created to help you make better decisions based on actionable advice from A-level eCommerce experts and practitioners. 

We’ve received numerous questions from people working with eCommerce businesses like yours: 

  • What to prioritize in your eCommerce in 2022? 
  • How to decrease Ad costs?
  • How to structure your ad campaigns? 
  • How to play the FB ads game in 2022?
  • What’s the #1 thing to improve Customer Experience? 
  • How to increase CLV in a cookieless world?

+ Many other unasked questions stand in the way of eCommerce growth.

There’s no place for uncertainty and beginner moves in 2022.

We’re here to help you play again – only this time, you get to play better!

Get expert advice that transforms into your game boosters 

If you feel like you had too many failed attempts and are ready to get better at the eCommerce game, then our interactive program with practical advice from top eCommerce experts it’s perfect for you.

Each expert that joined our program has five actionable advice for your business so you can enhance:

  • Customer Value Optimization
  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Conversions
  • Customer-Centricity
  • Data Analysis
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Paid Ads
  • Customer Support

We’ve packed them into one interactive program with easy-to-follow videos that can become your eCommerce boosters. 

Are you ready? 

A-level experts help you improve your eCommerce game

We’ve gathered sixteen of the brightest minds in the eCommerce arena and asked each of them to answer the five most burning questions so you can play the game in 2022 without a trace of doubt in your mind.

  • Tim Kilroy – Performance Agency Growth & Innovation Coach

Tim Kilroy shares knowledge from his coaching and consulting programs for D2C eCommerce leaders so you can work efficiently and grow faster.

  • Chloë Thomas – Author and Podcast Host “eCommerce MasterPlan” and “Keep Optimising”

Ecommerce marketing problem solver Chloë Thomas shows you how to grow the store by optimizing areas like customer experience or CAC.

  • Kurt Elster – Shopify Plus Expert 

Senior eCommerce Consultant Kurt Elster shares advice from his experience helping Shopify Plus merchants to discover new sources of profits.

  • Nichelle Hubley – CEO at &BAM Agency

Nichelle Hubley teaches you to make customers feel special by creating the vision and strategy for email marketing programs.

  • Jeremy Epperson – Chief Growth Officer 

14-year CRO veteran Jeremy Epperson shares insights from working with the biggest success stories in the startup world.

  • Talia Wolf – Conversion Optimization Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker

Talia Wolf helps you nail customer-centricity by using emotion and persuasion, which results in more leads, sales, and revenue.

  • Chase Dimond – Top Ecommerce Email Marketer

Chase Dimond shares actionable advice so you can transform this email marketing into a revenue generator.

  • Debbie Mecca – Director of Marketing at LTV SaaS Growth Fund

Debbie Mecca shares advice about her favorite topic, Customer Lifetime Value – the north star KPI of online merchants.

  • Valentin Radu – CEO at Omniconvert

Growth enabler Valentin shares actionable customer value optimization advice for DTC eCommerce companies.

  • Afif Ghannoum – CEO at BIOHM Health

A-level eCommerce player Afif Ghannoum shows how to scale your business with examples from his own experience.

  • Joshua Chin – CEO & Co-Founder at Chronos Agency

Joshua Chin helps you apply lifecycle marketing best practices to win the email, SMS, and push marketing game.

  • Brian Massey – Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences

Conversion Scientist Brian Massey helps you find what drives more leads, subscribers, and sales for your store.

  • Dennis Yu – CTO at BlitzMetrics

Internationally recognized PPC and Customer Acquisition specialist Dennis Yu gives A-level advice on Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 

  • Kristen LaFrance – Director of Community at Repeat

Kristen LaFrance is an A-level player in retention, showing you how to create meaningful customer relationships in eCommerce.

  • Derric Haynie – Chief Ecommerce Technologist at Ecommercetech.io 

Derric Haynie offers actionable advice on analyzing tech tools and making the right decisions for your software ecosystem.

  • Michael Lorenzos – Head of Ecommerce Growth at Bleach London

Performance Marketer Michael Lorenzos helps you achieve results through ethical practices and shows you how to succeed with paid social.

An amazing squad, right? Join now and enjoy unlimited access to applicable insights on making the right moves in 2022.

Unlock your eCommerce game boosters for 2022!