Your ecommerce website serves as a digital storefront that is designed to grab visitors’ attention, persuade them to browse your website, and make a purchase decision. But getting visitors to purchase is easier said than done. However, a well-designed, clean, and clutter-free ecommerce landing page can do wonders and help you generate more conversions.

But how?

According to a survey, approximately 1 in 4 online shoppers start their customer journey on a product page, and 96% of visitors are not sure whether or not to buy after landing on a product page. An effective ecommerce landing page is not about product images or description; it is about providing shoppers with a memorable, effortless experience that encourages them to click the buy now button.

If truth be told, ecommerce landing pages are designed to attract potential buyers, educate visitors about the product and brand, and their ultimate goal is to sell a product. An ecommerce landing page, if designed well, can generate more leads, boost conversion rate, and boost your overall marketing efforts.

If you want visitors to make a purchase decision, here are some result-driven ecommerce landing page optimization hacks that will surely help you generate more leads and maximize your sales.

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7 Best Ecommerce Landing Page Optimization Hacks

  • Focus on a Single Offer
  • Eliminate Site Navigation
  • Focus on a Unique Value Proposition 
  • A logical layout
  • A persuasive CTA
  • Adding Social Proof
  • Optimize for Mobile

Focus on a Single Offer

Image courtesy: Dollar Shave Club

Okay, it is one of the most effective ecommerce landing page optimization hacks you should follow to maximize your chances of getting more landing page conversions. Don’t give visitors too many choices; it will only make them confused. Providing too many choices on your landing page will make it difficult for a visitor to make a decision, and eventually, they will bounce immediately. Instead, focus on one offer and make it clear to your visitors what they will find on your ecommerce landing page.

Giving visitors a single choice helps them make a purchase decision, which will eventually boost your conversion rate. So, focus on providing visitors with a single, viable solution that can solve their problems and entice them to click a CTA button.

Eliminate Navigation Links

The ultimate goal of designing a landing page for your ecommerce website is to speed up the visitors’ purchase process. It is quite difficult for ecommerce marketers to stick to their online store and keep them focused on the CTAs only. Including homepage, product category pages, and other additional links or buttons would make people distract from your offer and change their purchase decision. An easy and attractive landing page design with no site navigation can help you fulfill this goal.

Image courtesy: The Farmer’s Dog

If customers find the desired information they are looking for and a CTA button (no additional offers and links), they will go straight to the point. So, remove navigation links, categories, drop-down boxes, side menus, and other distractions so that your customers can focus their attention on the CTA button.  

Focus on a Unique Value Proposition 

When customers land on your ecommerce page, they want to know your product, its benefits, and what features make it unique. The headline and copy of your ecommerce landing page should clearly communicate the unique value proposition of your product. Tell the visitors why they should try your product and how it can make their lives easier and simpler. You can use bulleted content to describe the benefits of using your product.

Image courtesy: Home Chef

By clearly outlining the details and benefits of your product will have a positive impact on conversions. So, provide visitors with important product details and benefits, so that they can make the purchase decision.

A Persuasive CTA

When visitors land on your ecommerce website, they want to know what your offer is and how they can make the most out of it. You can fulfill this goal by adding a clear, persuasive CTA. Your ecommerce landing page should have a clear CTA. Giving visitors one choice makes their decision easier, eliminating the need to analyze and choose among multiple options. It will lead visitors into the sales funnel more quickly, without distraction, while helping ecommerce marketers achieve their conversion goal.

A study conducted by Unbounce Marketing suggests that landing pages with one clear CTA have a higher conversion rate (13.5%) compared to those with two and four CTAs (11.9%). In comparison, five and more CTAs have an average conversion rate of 10.5%, which is comparatively lower than other landing pages with one and fewer CTAs.

Image courtesy: FabFitFun

The position of your CTA matters most; it can make or break your chances of generating more leads and conversions. Make sure the CTA should be displayed prominently and exclusively designed for your target customers. Place the CTA button at the top and the bottom of the page so that it can immediately get the attention of your prospective customers. The CTA button should be large and straightforward to educate shoppers on what to do next. Use colors contrasting, bold colors that draw the attention of your customers is a worthwhile idea.

According to HubSpot, optimizing CTAs can help increase lead generation by 99%. It is highly recommended to test different CTA elements such as button placement, color, and copy to make sure which version works best and generates more leads.

A Logical Layout

Online shoppers are very impatient; they don’t have time to read the copy of your landing page. Instead, they skim for the information they are looking for, such as product benefits, important features, price, shipping, and other important details. Keep all the information in a logical, digestible order to help visitors find the information they want to see. You can use section breaks, headers, and bullet points to keep potential customers on the page.

Adding Social Proof

A study conducted by Nielson suggests that 70% of people read online consumer reviews to know about the brand rather than reading the branded content and other forms of advertising. Today’s consumers have more access to information; they give more importance to reviews and want to know what people are saying about the product they are planning to purchase.

No one can underestimate the power of social proof, and if used right, it can help you achieve maximum conversions and sales from your marketing campaign. Adding social proof to your ecommerce landing page is a smart strategy that can persuade potential customers to act and take the desired action.

Image source: Fabletics

You can optimize your ecommerce landing page by adding social proof in the form of:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Expert reviews
  • Influencer and celebrity endorsements
  • Images
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Certifications and trust badges
  • Real-time stats
  • Social share count
  • Customer count

Following this strategy will compel visitors to click a CTA button which will eventually help you drive more conversions.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Today visitors use smartphones and tablets for online shopping experiences. According to Google, if online shoppers have a negative mobile experience, chances are 62% of shoppers will not consider your brand in the future. You need to make sure every page of your ecommerce site delivers a seamless experience on mobile, desktop, and tablets. If you are not building an ecommerce landing page for mobile devices, you are missing out on a huge sales potential.

You need to make sure the ecommerce landing page you are building is responsive and offer a great user experience on mobile devices. Create a perfectly aligned page by adjusting copy, form, images, video, and CTA button that fit properly on the device.

When visitors can easily access all the features on mobile devices, it will eventually increase the chances of getting more conversions. According to Unbounce Marketing, mobile friendly landing pages have a higher conversion rate 11.7%, compared to desktop-only landing pages (10.7%).

Believe it or not, optimizing your ecommerce landing page for mobile devices will allow mobile users to easily access your content, explore your offer and the benefits of using your products. It will definitely provide a great user experience and a better chance of conversions.

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A Brief Recap

An ecommerce landing page is one of the most important parts of your ecommerce website that can play a key role in improving your marketing and sales efforts by generating more profits. Make your ecommerce landing page attractive and high converting by adding different elements such as a solid offer, social proof, unique value proposition, and persuasive CTA button. Following these result-driven ecommerce landing page optimization hacks will surely help you attract more visitors, drive more leads and make more profits in 2021 and beyond. 

Author Bio:

Irfan Ak is an experienced digital & content marketing strategist at, the pro web & mobile app development company. He is a regular contributor on various websites. He has worked with several brands and created value for them.