The number of digital buyers will reach 2.14 billion by 2021.

As the eCommerce market grows, so does the competition. 

With more options on the market, users are finetuning their preferences and focusing on those online stores that provide them with the best, all-round shopping experience.

This is why online retailers need to focus on every aspect of their user experience, from user journey to interface, to be competitive.

eCommerce website design can make or break your online store these days so we compiled a list of the best designed online stores to help you draw lessons you can use to optimize your own.

In this article you will:

  • Learn why web design matters for eCommerce businesses
  • Find some of the best eCommerce designs in 2020
  • See what makes them so great
  • Get a preview of the biggest eCommerce design trends this year

Why Web Design Matters For eCommerce Businesses

Research shows that a whopping 90% of visitors would abandon a badly designed site. 

People don’t trust websites that aren’t user-friendly. 

Consequently, poorly designed eCommerce sites have higher bounce rates, they have a hard time ranking on search engines and they have lower conversion rates

This is why businesses that sell online should invest in a compelling design; It can be the key to selling more. 

10 Best Designed eCommerce Websites Of 2020 (So Far)

These online retailers’ platforms simplify their users’ journey to conversion and make it engaging every step of the way.

They follow a user-centered approach and are both insightful and compelling.

They have clean interfaces and are designed with the aim to deliver a great experience.  

Here are the best eCommerce web designs that will certainly catch your attention this year: 

1. Bliss 

bliss website design

Bliss is a beauty brand that sells skincare products. Their website is designed to give their users both an energizing and an in-spa product feel. 

It is fresh, welcoming and engaging, showcasing a clear understanding of who their customer is.

There are dancing products and color-changing CTAs that entice visitors to explore around and engage. 

These motion effects are exciting without being overwhelming, making the users stick around longer and click through – to hugely important metrics for SEO.

They use bold typography to highlight new products, best sellers and collections, making these hard to miss. 

The many available options for how to view and sort products, as well as the quick preview of product details, add to the user-friendliness of the site and make the user comfortable with the idea of making a purchase.

This eCommerce website design’s big photos and the overall layout provide the visitors with the promise that inner happiness leads to outward beauty.

2. Mulberry

mulberry website design

Mulberry’s online store has mastered the art of simplicity. 

The luxury fashion company relies on big, colorful photos to do the talking, keeping copy minimal. 

This design is inspiring for the zooming technique they’ve applied to their high-quality images. This helps draw the users’ eyes on their products. 

It not only attracts the visitors’ attention but it also allures them to click.

As users hover over these luxurious product images, they see them swapped by a model, allowing the user to visualize the product in their own lives.  

And the quick add to bag, add to wishlist and send hint options encourage the visitors to return to the store, engage and, ultimately, convert.

3. Simply Chocolate

simply chocolate website design

Simply Chocolate is one of the most delicious eCommerce sites on the web! 

With an inversely positioned navigation menu and a button that entices visitors to open a chocolate bar with a single click, from the very moment they visit the site they immediately fall in love with it.

Their products are nicely presented one under another, and as users scroll down to discover all of them, the background with the chocolates’ ingredients changes as a new chocolate bar appears. 

The more visitors explore the more excited they are about staying engaged with the simple yet compelling chocolate-based theme.

What makes this best eCommerce website design user-friendly is the quick add to box button that allows readers to easily add as many chocolates as they want in their bag to later make a quick purchase. 

4. Skullcandy

skullcandy website design

When it comes to the most amazing eCommerce website designs, Skullcandy has a lot to teach us. From a great combination of colors to professional product photography, the site’s design stands out from the crowd.

Their eye-catching logo and a modest navigation menu keep the user-focused, giving them just enough options without overwhelming them. 

The ease of use and frictionless flow streamline the customer journey and keep them engaged.

With user-friendly navigation bars on their Shop page and an easy checkout process, this eCommerce website design contributes to better site performance and increased user satisfaction. 

5. Myro

myro website design

Myro makes natural refillable deodorants. 

What makes their eCommerce website design so interesting is how they use interactive gifs to showcase their products.

This media format allows the brand to showcase the uniqueness and versatility of their product – something other innovative online retailers can learn from. 

The brand uses bold typography to share key messages and emphasize the benefits these products offer.

Visitors are just a few clicks away from their check-out process who can easily choose their plan and make a quick purchase.

The website also has a review page that allows users to discover what current customers think about the products which increases the brand’s credibility. 

6. Buffy

buffy website design

Buffy’s mission is to help people live comfortably. 

They say that they are the softest and fluffiest comforter out there; Their imagery certainly supports this claim. 

Their message is image-driven, so they’ve kept their copy minimal.

And their images of real customers, who are comfortably nestled among their cozy pillows, sheets and comforters, together with five-star reviews, not only help the user imagine Buffy’s products in their own space but also build trust in the brand.  

To incentivize more engagement and conversions, the brand has implemented a “try Buffy for free” campaign promoted by a static menu strip and a timed pop-up. 

7. Only / Once

only once website design

Only / Once sells vintage artifacts. 

The site is a great example of minimalism and simplicity. 

Users can see a moderate usage of negative space that allows users to keep their attention on the symmetrically placed products.  

There is a clear navigation menu in the top left corner and some motion effects that make the images change color to highlight product names and prices.

The brand has placed a CTA box between photography to successfully prompt users to subscribe and develop a readership. 

8. Fitzy

fitzy website design

Fitzy’s showcases its handmade products by using lovely photography. 

The website has embraced minimalism, relying on negative space and minimal copy to highlight their offering. 

If there is one thing this site is truly unique for, that is its workshop page. 

Consumers are not only able to purchase these products but also attend a workshop and see how they are made. 

This is a great move to complete their brand story and reinforce their promise to the customers that at Fitzy they will only get unique, handmade products. 

9. Dimension Volumes

dimension volumes website design

Dimension Volumes teach us not to be afraid to incorporate bold typography.

The website uses typography both as a design and as a messaging element. 

All their products are grey and once users pick some of the available colors they turn black, white, green or yellow. This gives a playful effect.  

Dimension Volumes provides visitors with an easy check-out process that contributes to fewer shopping cart abandonments and more completed purchases. 

10. Bacca

bacca website design

Bacca sells handmade wooden laptop stands. 

Their site is all about color.

The brand uses plain backgrounds to allow for its high-quality product images to stand out. 

As visitors hover over their images, a slight animation appears to create an entertaining effect.

There us a clean layout that allows visitors to easily find what they are looking for.

The checkout process is quite simple which makes this design user-friendly as well. 

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5 eCommerce Website Design Trends That Will Dominate This Year

Here are the top five eCommerce website design trends that you should pay attention to in 2020:

  1. Motion in product images: Interactive design is a great way to grab the visitors’ attention and showcase the practical advantages of products. They make sites more attractive, make it easy to describe specific product functionalities as well as provide visitors with a better sense of what they are buying. 
  2. Original photography: A picture can say a thousand words which is why brands incorporate professional and high-quality images to display their products and sell them effectively.
  3. Vivid colors: This year, users can see that many of the most amazing eCommerce website designs focus on bright and vivid colors to stand out from their competitors and strengthen their brand identity. Fresh colors engage users and make it easy on their eyes. 
  4. Minimalist elements: The biggest advantage of minimalist design is that it is clean and simple. This allows website users to focus on the sales messages and the products themselves. Thus, websites usually incorporate clean navigation, less wording and neat layout to improve usability.
  5. Bold typography: Big fonts play a significant role in eCommerce website design because they capture the users’ attention and speak louder than images and videos. 

Takeaways On eCommerce Website Designs

These amazing eCommerce website designs are fun and engaging. They focus on their products but also on their visitors.

They are built with the audience in mind to ensure great usability. 

They all the necessary information users need and include various elements that encourage them to take action and they do it successfully by incorporating:

  • Vivid colors
  • Motion elements
  • Negative space
  • Clear CTAs
  • Bold typography
  • High-quality imagery
  • Simple navigation
  • Neat layout
  • Easy check-outs

Brands invest in amazing eCommerce website designs to increase engagement and conversion rates. With the online retail space growing each day, we recommend that you do the same.

Author Bio: 

Maja Dukadinovska is a content specialist at Digital Silk. She writes for business and for pleasure, focusing on design and digital trends. Allergic to fluff and poor WIFI. Loves dogs and everything cocoa-based.