Paying for useless things or buying traffic just for the sake of it is the same thing. Hoping that from thousands of people who get your message, at least a few will be interested in your offer is not an effective strategy anymore.

downloadThe times when the outbound marketing led to success are gone. If you want to generate leads and keep them engaged, there is a more efficient way to do that: inbound marketing. This involves an online marketing strategy that integrates landing pages and websites using social media campaigns, SEO and SEM, blogs, email and content marketing.


How can you generate leads without buying traffic? By raising the awareness of a campaign with social media marketing, SEM and SEO. A valuable CONTENT plays a critical role on this stage.

1. Chose the right content; ask yourself what are the topics that catch the interest of a visitor.

  • Use Analytics if your business is old enough to show you relevant results about the most searched topics.
  • Use the public domain if you are a start-upper: Google Trends, Google News, Twitter trending topics, LinkedIn trending topics on groups that concern your activity.

2. Chose the right format for your content:

  • text-based items like ebooks, whitepapers, guides
  • media content like webinars, tutorials, demos

You should chose the type of your offer based on the fact that there are 3 buying stages: early, middle and ready.A new visitors would rather be informed, so he will prefer a free ebook, whitepaper, guide. At his first visit he finds himself in the early phase of buying. A prospect that visited your website for several times will want a free trial or demo. Give him what he wants! He is more committed now that he got to interact with you more than once and he is in the middle stage.The visitor who passed through the previous 2 stages will be ready to act and to convert.

You have valuable and relevant content; now you should promote it and use it to generate leads. How you do that? Place your offers on your website, but be careful how you do that:

1. Use appealing call-to-action buttons: they will lead your prospects to the landing page. A good landing page will target a particular audience based on segmentation. For example, visitors that came from an email campaign will be differentiated from the ones that clicked on a Paid-Per-Click Ad. Do not forget to personalize your prospects’ experience every time they are interacting with you.


 2. Promote your offers on the Product Page:

  • create offers having in mind the different buying stages mentioned above
  • create high value formats: How do you know what type of offer will generate the most amount of leads? You don’t, but you can run an A/B Test to find out.
  • chose a great title for your offer( again, use an A/B Test)
  • create “fashionable” offers, align them with the trend: “what’s new”, “what’s hot”