How can you get your customers to keep coming back? It’s just a question of setting the right habits.

In this episode, you’ll learn what you can do in order to become the go-to place for your customers’ repeat shopping visits.

  • (00:00) – Intro
  • (00:31) – How humans actually learn things
  • (00:55) – Customers’ chances to place the next order increase after the 3rd order
  • (01:24) – Getting input from your customers
  • (01:44) – Product Issues
  • (01:50) – Services Issues
  • (02:27) – Fixing your customer experience
  • (02:43) – What to track to keep your clients engaged
  • (02:57) – Using Reveal to improve habit-forming for your customers

In the last 13 years, I’ve learned the underlying principles of eCommerce growth. One of the most undervalued principles is habit-forming.

Having access to the data of hundreds of eCommerce stores, I’ve understood the magic behind number 3.

Human beings learn by doing things over and over again. If you want to hammer a nail, you need to do it a few times. If you want to learn how to cook, you need to screw it up a few times. If you want your shoppers to buy over and over again from your shop, you need to see what makes them come back and buy again.

If you look at this graph [see the video at 0:57], you’ll understand that the main drop is after they place the first order, and then the chances to place the next order are getting higher and higher. After the third order, they are even doubled than after the first one.

To understand what’s going on, you don’t have to pay a lot of money again to advertise to their own customers and to propose to them a broken customer journey. You need to go back, analyze these habits and simply ask your customers so that you can get the emotional response after you’ve shipped your products. After you do the first surveys, you’ll see that you can have two types of issues:

  1. Product issues: the quality, the expectations, the unboxing experience and so on
  2. Services issues: the delivery time and the expectations around the customer experience that they’ve had after they’ve placed the first order

When people place the first order, they are not buying the product itself, they are buying the marketing and the promise of your marketing.

After you understand these aspects and after you understand what you need to fix on your customer journey, you will be able to acquire more customers because more of them will come back. That means lower customer acquisition costs and a higher budget for your company.

Maybe it’s time to take a few steps back and understand what you should fix on the customer experience so that you can keep your customers coming back. And the good news is that this is not costing you too much.

Simply ask your customers and:

  1. Track the NPS.
  2. Track the customer effort score (CES).
  3. Track the main barriers that your customers have in order to come back and buy again from your shop. 

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