People are becoming more and more aware of the necessity to stay fit and enjoy a healthy life style. “Mens sana in corpore sano” is a principle to live by in order to have the energy and vitality to accomplish everyday tasks and attain your goals. The awakening process has started  in the context of the high obesity rates over the last decade.

Considering the current state of the fitness industry, I’ve decided to write this article and emphasize the huge growing potential of the sector, using conversion optimization techniques.  

The global fitness industry is growing at fast pace, generating more than 78 billion dollars in revenue in the United States. The same report shows than more than 138 million people worldwide joined a fitness club. Therefore, the market size is huge and people have plenty of options to choose from (165,300 clubs all over the globe).

Only in the last year, in London, United Kingdom, the number of fitness members exceeds 1.5 million. Consider the total population of 8,5 million in London, it means that 17,74% of the population constantly goes to the gym. Other numbers prove the positive growth of the industry: 300 new fitness facilities in the last year and the total industry membership is the strongest growth indicator, up 5.8% to 8.8 million over the past 12 months.

Why is January a great time to increase revenues and optimize your website?

As you all know, the last part of the year was pretty full with holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and, on top of it all, New Year’s Eve. A time of celebration, gathering around the table with your loved ones and eating all day long. When you think it’s over, your granny comes over to make sure you eat some more ‘cause “you’re sooo skinny”.

After these two months full of goodies, people start drawing the New Year’s Resolutions. We start planning all kinds of new ideas, wishing to be a better human being. But, to materialize all these plans, we need to be in great shape and recover from the Holiday overwhelming meals.

January is a month of planning and (re)organizing your life. Nevertheless, it’s that time of the year when you rethink the past actions, develop new habits, leave the bad habits behind and begin a transformation process. The new year brings new positive vibrations that embrace your goals and give you the energy to be more dedicated in your actions.

Considering this, customers are prospecting the marketing looking for a new gym to start the rejuvenation exercises. Get ahead of your competitors and encourage visitors to get back on track or start a new healthy habit. Don’t miss this perfect timing: you will not only help your business grow, but you’ll stimulate and help other to begin practicing a healthy life style.

Emotions: the key trigger in the fitness industry

There’s no doubt that fitness has a deep emotional impact on people. It’s a sensitive topic directly linked to self trust and your own belief system. It is connected to the way you see yourself as human being and it affects the way you act. Thus, as a player in the fitness industry, you should connect to your audience at an emotional level.

Emotion drives people to act. The word itself states this: the latin origin is “emovere”= to move.

Here’s a bunch of ideas on how to increase the sign-up rate on fitness programs this month:

  • Testimonials

Showing real results, real life-changing stories of people who used your services will have a deep impact on prospect customers. They will see similar stories to their’s and see that everything is possible. This type of content will boost your credibility and increase your notoriety as being a high-quality fitness facility.

Here’s an example from Waxman’s Gym:


  • Loyalty programs for VIP customers: the RFM Model

When it comes to an online business, at some point, you might ask yourself which one works better: retention vs acquisition?

The answer is: depends! For mature businesses, with more than 2 years on the market increasing retention is the winning ticket. An RJ Metrics report shows that 50% of the revenue comes from returning visitors, after 24 months:

Considering a larger time-frame, after 36 months more than 50% of revenue comes from loyal&returning customers:


So, returning customers have a great growing potential for mature businesses.


The next step is to identify the loyal & VIP clients, segment your database and launch a special program for them. An efficient way to do this is to implement a RFM Model.

The RFM model helps you identify the most valuable customers, that bring the highest conversion rate and have the biggest growing potential. RFM stands for:

  • Recency – How recently did the customer buy?
  • Frequency – How often do customers purchase?
  • Monetary analysis – How much money do customers spend?

With this model you’ll filter your data base considering most recent purchase date (recency), number of orders (frequency), total revenue generated (monetary analysis). Using this three modules, you’ll identify customers who have recently bought from you, customers who buy more often from your website and customers who spend more money.


  • Free Training Guides and Video Courses

A micro-conversion is the first sign that a visitor is interested in your company’s services. On a fitness website a micro-conversion can be:

  • subscribe to the website’s blog with tips and tricks about a healthy life-style;
  • sign-up for a free video-course with different types of training you can do at home;
  • subscribe to a free guide on healthy habits and so on;
  • visit the offers page, the facilities page.

Once you get the data from the visitors, you can start to plan and implement a personalized communication process via email. Once the lead goes deeper into the sales funnel, you can persuade them to get a membership program, offering them special pricing discounts, free access for a limited time, etc.

  • Stimulate your audience with inspirational messages

Transform the business into a source of inspiration and make your visitors aspire for greatness, for reaching out their full potential. Trigger the emotional side and stimulate your audience with personalized content.

Let your visitors know what a life-changing experience fitness is: it’s more than a workout:

Another idea is to segment your audience and display an on-exit pop-up to visitor who didn’t sign up for an account. We all have the tendency to procrastinate, especially when it comes to working out, so it might not be a bad idea to show the visitors the following message:


All in all, if you want to increase the sign-up rate, the number of qualified leads and conversion rate, now it’s the perfect time to start the optimization process. Align your marketing and CRO goals to become a leader in your industry.

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