Why should you waste money to target visitors that don’t buy or customers that will never come back?

We all know that the FB algo got a serious hit lately. 

Because he’s not allowed to eat cookies anymore. 

Meta is here to save the day!


So, how to do acquisition campaigns like it’s 2022?

Step 1:

You segment your customers based on RFM.

Step 2:

Run customer research – find the Jobs To Be Done by the best customers you have – the soulmates. 

Step 3:

Find the share of the revenue for each job. 

Expect some surprises.

For instance, a company that we worked with found out that 60% of their recurring revenue was generated by the job that accounted for only 20% of their initial revenue. 

Step 4:

Craft ads & LPs for the main jobs  

Step 5:

Use the best customers from the RFM segments (Soulmates, Lovers & New Passion) to create lookalike audiences. (Yes, you can do that with our Dynamic Audience Builder)

Step 6:

Run fresh acquisition campaigns in parallel with lookalike audiences based on those RFM segments and tweak the ad investment according to the expected CLV for those.

Meaning: it is OK to invest more and to have a lower ROAS as long as the predicted CLV justifies it! 

Step 7:

Run remarketing ads for the customers that don’t convert – make sure you have consistency and your ads are not redundant.

Sounds good?

Reveal can do this for you – as we just released the Audience Builder – a way to build custom audiences that are constantly updated and sent directly to your Facebook Business Account.