People don’t buy products.

They hire them to make progress in their lives. 

Most companies are ignoring things like: 

  • the purchase cycles 
  • if the customers actually used the products they bought
  • if they are happy or not

How to do properly these campaigns?

Step 1:

You segment your customers based on RFM.

Step 2:

You build an audience based on the New Passions & Apprentices.

As you can see above, in 30 days since the first transaction, out of 100 high potential customers, 75 don’t place their second order.

If you don’t do anything about it, they will vanish and become Don Juans – meaning you were just a one-night stand for them.

Step 3:

You find out the purchase cycle – ADBT – average days between transactions. 

Meaning, you understand the buying behavior of repeat customers. 

Most companies push an upsell before it’s the right time to do that. 

Step 4:

You find out the jobs to be done of your best customers – the Soulmates or super consumers. 

Why are they buying over and over again?

What struggling moments push them towards action?

That means you do customer research – that undervalued action that every marketer should do before sending an email or investing a cent in ads. 

Shameless plug: we do this AND we train agencies to do this, as well.

Step 5:

You create pre-purchase overlays to tag the customers based on the job to be done.

Step 6:

You orchestrate different journeys for different jobs – via ads, emails, and the website.

Here’s a real example from a company that identified the jobs to be done: 

Sounds good?

Reveal can do this for you – as we just released the Audience Builder – a way to build custom audiences that are constantly updated and sent directly to your Facebook Business Account.