Prevention is better than cure, right?

At this moment, around 35% of any companies’ customers are slowly and steadily churning. 

As you can see below, after 193 days, there is only a 20% chance that the customers will buy again.

That means you have to prevent this from happening. How to do it?

Step 1:

Run RFM Segmentation

The “About To Dump You” segment includes the customers that are now slipping away, and you want this to prevent from happening.

Step 2:

Well, you first understand them better by doing customer surveys. 

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. 
Pushing discount codes to people who are not happy about your products CAN’T make them repurchase those products, right?

Step 3:

Do the tweaks on the product assortment, or the customer journey, if that’s the case. 

Spreading some marketing cream on a broken bone is not the way to go, even though that’s what many companies do these days.

So, go out there, fight with the other departments, make some noise. 
It’s your job, after all? 
Make yourself proud! 
When you turn 88 years, you will like yourself more because you fought to get things right! 

Step 4:

If you managed to fix what was broken, you could now prevent churn by triggering emails based on the number of days since the previous purchase.

Meaning that you’ll use the RFM segment + #days since the last transactions as events for your email, SMS, ad campaigns + your website.

Make sure you respect the holy trinity there:

First is the targeting, then the offer, and then the creative. 

Sounds good?

For email, you can do this with Reveal & Klaviyo, Reveal & Mailchimp, or Reveal & Automizely, thanks to our integrations. 

For Ads, you can (for the moment) do this with Reveal & Facebook by using our Audience Builder.

As for the website, you can use both of our tools – Explore & Reveal (that will soon merge into a unique eCommerce growth suite).