It is better to prevent than to cure! 

However, companies fail at living healthy. 

Yes, french fries can be addictive. 

However, if you failed to prevent people from churning, you must do something about it, right?

Now, the problem is with the purged emails. 

Klaviyo has this habit to do the database hygiene and automatically purges your disengaged emails from your list.
I think that’s good. 

What is not good is to abandon those emails completely. 

Custom ads can be made. 

1-off campaigns can be made as well. 

So, here are the steps to run re-engagement campaigns like a pro:

Step 1: RFM segmentation. 

Yes, I’m boring you with this model again.

Repetition is the mother of learning, right?

R stands for their recency. 

F for Frequency and M for monetary value. 

The 3 groups that you want to re-engage are the:

  • About to dump you (slipping away, having a decent value)
  • Ex-lovers (as the name says – you don’t want to lose those
  • Don Juans (long gone one-night standers, but they are worth your attention)

Step 2: 

Find what went wrong: 

Prepare a survey to send them via as many channels as possible:

Email, SMS, Ads, etc.

Step 3:

Prepare treatments for all the objections in real-time with logic-branching

They haven’t come back because they simply forgot about you? 

Ask them to subscribe to your cool alerts about new stuff

Did they get a bad Customer experience?

Ask for more details and give them a voucher as a way to say that you’re sorry

The idea here is to make it so that you map the desired behavior, guiding them towards seeing that is a good deal to buy again for you. Make sure you’re not pushy

Step 4:  

Craft a journey based on the answers you collected – across all channels

Step 5:

Fix what’s broken, for God’s sake. 

Sounds good?

For email, you can do this with Reveal & Klaviyo, Reveal & Mailchimp, or Reveal & Automizely, thanks to our integrations. 

For Ads, you can (for the moment) do this with Reveal & Facebook by using our Audience Builder. 

As for the website, you can use both of our tools (that will soon merge into a unique eCommerce growth suite, Explore & Reveal.