“I have a dream:

That eCommerce brands will wake up to the new reality.

That they will understand that it’s time to take Customer Lifetime Value very seriously.”

Valentin Radu

Goodbye, third-party cookies. Goodbye, efficient tracking and advertising. 

Welcome, expensive acquisition. Welcome, high competition. 

It’s not 2019 anymore. 

Technology is changing. 

Retail is fastly moving online. 

Costs are getting higher and higher, and companies lose about 8 out of 10 newly acquired customers after their first order.

This isn’t the reality you want to live in, isn’t it? 

The Future belongs to the Brave.
Are you Brave?

We envision a future where retailers know their ideal customers. 

We envision a future where eComm businesses guide their decisions on the north star metric: Customer Lifetime Value. 

Their teams and service providers pay attention to what their customers do. They care about customers’ results, they care about their customers’ feelings – and orchestrate tailor-made customer journeys. 

Imagine if everyone inside your company was aware of the North Star metric that makes you thrive. 

Imagine if you used your customer data to find behavior patterns. If these patterns were your inspiration for improvements. And if you use what the customers are already telling you to create better experiences, marketing, and customer acquisition. 

Companies lack the know-how, talent, and technology to understand and improve the customer lifetime value: from acquisition to conversion to customer retention. 

But that’s all going to change. 

The CLV Revolution:
Better Acquisition. Better Retention. Better Experiences.

Tracking and optimizing CLV was a luxury that only enterprise companies could afford. 

However, eCommerce companies can’t survive and thrive in the long run without monitoring and improving the balance between customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost.

To this end, we’re organizing The CLV Revolution: the first-ever event dedicated to Customer Lifetime Value – the one single methodology that can solve most issues in eCommerce today. 

Join 30+ global eCommerce leaders this September 22-23 and discover how to improve ROAS, reduce costs, increase retention rates, boost client satisfaction and grow revenue using the power of existing customers.

  • 30+ speakers
  • 16+ hours of eCommerce talks
  • 000+ attendees
  • Q&A Sessions & live Interactions

We rallied fantastic speakers worldwide from different fields, all united by the same dream: creating a world where Customer Lifetime Value is the norm. 

  • Roger Dooley (Author, Brainfluence and Friction) will discuss neuro-loyalty – how to attract and, more importantly, keep your great customers
  • Jimmy Kim (SendLane) will discuss strategies you can use to increase CLV.
  • Bob Moesta (Re-Wired Group) will discuss how the JTBD method helps eCommerce companies improve Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Tim Houlihan (BehaviorAlchemy) will talk about behavioral sciences and their role in growing CLV.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because there’s another amazing surprise waiting for you. 

A spot in the CVO Academy – 
with your name on it.

We’re going all out with the CLV Revolution, giving out FREE access to CVO Academy Courses…and free access to Omniconvert’s Reveal for one lucky winner. 

You guessed it: it’s contest time! 

Recommend your friends to attend the CLV Revolution, and you have a chance to win free access to Omniconvert Reveal for one year!

Enjoy all features from the Scale Plan and get closer to achieving customer-centricity. 

We’ll pick the winner randomly, so the more friends you recommend, the more chances you have to win.

Guaranteed Prizes: we’re also offering guaranteed access to CVO Courses:

  • Recommend 3 friends, and get FREE access to The Complete Customer Behaviour Course (199$) 
  • Recommend 15 friends, and get FREE access to The Complete Customer Value Optimization Course (749$)

Let’s recap quickly:

  • You get guaranteed free access to the know-how behind Customer Value Optimization
  • You get a chance to win free access for a year to the platform built with customer-centricity in mind
  • You get a chance to bring more people inside the CLV Revolution and help your friends, colleagues, and partners to grow their businesses through CLV 
  • And you get access to the 30+ global experts in eCommerce and their precious insights coming to the CLV Revolution.

Tracking and optimizing CLV was a luxury that only enterprise companies could afford. 

It’s something that Amazon and Netflix used to do, and it seemed a privilege for those with seemingly unlimited budgets and huge teams. 

However, things have changed.

Growth is not an accident. It’s the consequence of retention. 

And you can’t possibly survive in the long run unless you double down on retention and you start caring about your customers. 

Q4 is coming. CVO is on one the rise. The CLV Revolution is calling you. 

See you at the Revolution! 

Click here and grab your ticket now –
and see you at the Revolution!