In this week’s episode of Growth Interviews, we invite you to join our podcast conversation with Luca Senatore, a dynamic speaker, and digital marketing expert rated #5 Top International PPC Expert and #21 Most Influential PPC Expert 2015 and 2016.

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Here Are The Biggest Takeaways

  • The becoming of an expert – 00.33
  • Growth ideas for eCommerce players  – 03.02
  • How to successfully build and grow a performance agency – 05.42
  • Secrets of customer retention  – 07.10
  • Experience as the most important teacher  – 11.20

Welcome to Growth Interviews!

Welcome to Growth Interviews, the fun, stimulating, and engaging series of conversations driven by digital business growth. Our mission is to provide valuable insights from the eCommerce arena, and each episode is a fascinating quest into the best-kept business secrets and money-making strategies of an insightful world-class expert.

Author of “The Agency: BUILD – GROW – REPEAT: How To Build a Remarkable Digital Agency Business That Wins and Keeps Clients” Luca Senatore, director at multi-award-winning digital agency Genie Goals, went from speaking no English and being fired from a kitchen porter role to building and growing seven successful businesses, positively impacting thousands of people in the process.

Luca is known for his high-energy, action-packed, and no-nonsense speaking style; he shares high-quality content at key events worldwide such as PMI, SEMrush, Web Summit, PPC Experts, and many more helping Genie Goals establish itself as a thought leader and true authority in the performance marketing sector. Luca and his team working with top clients are one of the very few Premier Partners at Google and winners of the Ready to Rock Google award.

The talk with Luca Senatore is like a surprise gift box, full of the latest perks in digital marketing, business, and leadership. The best 15 minutes you will spend all day!

The Birth of an Expert

Luca Senatore earned his stripes in the tough battleground of marketing even before the age of digital. In 2004, he first started experimenting with Google Ads and, many years later, in 2013, he became CEO of Genie Goals, one of the best-performing agencies in the UK and Europe.

In this latest episode of Growth Interviews, Luca confesses that from the early beginnings of digital, he knew that it was the natural path for him. That special area of deep inspiration, excitement, and fulfillment is, for him, digital marketing.

With Genie Goals, Luca does performance marketing for eCommerce only, a vast space that offers new challenges and opportunities every day. During our talk, he went deeper into these challenges, pointing out that the greatest are measurement and attribution with channels such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook, which for e-commerce businesses are vital.

Growth Ideas for eCommerce Players

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There is one word that is never far from the mind of an e-commerce player: ‘growth’. While talking with Luca, we picked up three growth ideas that no other expert has shared before. 

The first of these ideas is, “Hire a brand guardian!”. A brand guardian, in essence, is the person within a brand who understands that brand inside-out, along with its mission, vision, and intricacies. This kind of expert will know what the company needs to adopt, what to get rid of, and what is the best direction for development. Most importantly, the brand guardian should be the single point of contact and management for all the marketing activities, so that everything runs smoothly. 

The second idea we discussed with Luca Senatore is one beyond the e-commerce realm. Our guest expert believes that it is very important to build a unique culture within the organization, one that trickles down the DNA and spreads to all employees, because everyone must be aiming at the same thing. 

The third one is not so much an idea as a way of thinking, which begins with a question: “What can we do that nobody else is doing?” Luca Senatore’s framework goes in two directions. One direction is working shoulder-to-shoulder with the client to engage the customers and improve what is already there, to keep the money coming in, which should take around 80% of the time and effort. 

The other is to use the remaining 20% for continuous testing and trying out new things. A permanent state of testing keeps any e-commerce ahead of the competition and, as Luca explained, from that unexplored territory, from playing with ideas, something really good always comes out. 

Growing an Amazing Performance Agency

Illustration of a person sitting at a desk using a laptop and smartphone, with data charts and graphs displayed on the wall behind.

Talking about the best way of building a successful agency, Luca told us that for him and his team at Genie Goals, it’s not only about good performance but also about building a performance model for every client. His approach is one of full involvement, as a result of which they moved from being just a marketing or performance agency to being a business agency. 

Communication is key in Luca’s process of evaluating the status of clients’ businesses. From customer profile, target, and margins, up to the organizational structure, Luca and his team are fully involved in the entire business and always coming up with end-to-end solutions. 

Their ultimate goal is the fixing of customer problems and helping those customers gain the best tactical position in the digital battle of smart e-commerce.

Secrets of Customer Retention

Illustration of a person using a magnet to attract customer icons, with stacks of coins and the text 'Customer Retention' on the side.

Now, more than ever, customers have a plethora of buying choices, making fidelity increasingly volatile. Retaining customers is becoming more and more important, and everything a company can do to improve customer acquisition has become a vital pillar in any e-commerce strategy. The matter is on all experts’ lips, and Luca Senatore shared with us a few of his award-winning tactics for retaining customers. “Make it easy for them to buy” is the first piece of advice. 

A fulfilling shopping experience that runs smoothly is the first thing a client will remember and will, therefore, be the first preference for the next time. Secondly, after-sales communication is very important in preparing for the next sale and gathering important information about the customer. 

The deeper the communication goes and the more personalized it gets, the better. Meaningful relationships are crucial for brand awareness and customer retention, which in turn transform regular clients into true brand supporters.

Experience as the Most Important Teacher

Luca Senatore made Genie Goals into not just an agency but a digital marketing family with a unique methodology that has already signed up several global brands. Their success is evident, so we asked for the secret recipe. 

Empowering a team is one of the most important things a leader should do. In Luca’s vision, we only matter as a team, and the measure of the team is the measure of its clients’ success. Of what we do, 80% doesn’t matter. What individuals know is not so important. Teams do matter, and he has proved they make the difference.

Another important point is that no one, especially digital entrepreneurs, should be afraid of testing and experimenting with new ideas. It is only by creating a different perspective that people can innovate, and this is crucial in our fast-moving digital world. The difference is made by real experience, so instead of waiting for things to be perfect and postponing the launch of products into the market, digital entrepreneurs should delegate faster and be more willing to perfect things on the run, in ‘live’ mode.


Success is the measure of passion and passion is the measure of success. The world of digital is ever-changing. Something new comes onto the market every day. This can add more pressure – or more delight. It all depends on one’s point of view, which is one of the reasons why anyone comes into this space and becomes a digital entrepreneur. The vastness of the digital world leaves room for everything one can imagine, but whatever one chooses, it must be done with passion and true dedication to the client, or not at all.

We hope you enjoyed our video interview with Luca Senatore.
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How can a brand guardian benefit an e-commerce business?

A brand guardian is crucial for maintaining brand consistency and ensuring that all marketing activities align with the brand’s mission, vision, and values. This role helps streamline marketing efforts, eliminates misunderstandings, and provides a single point of contact for all brand-related decisions, which can lead to more effective and cohesive marketing strategies.

What strategies can e-commerce businesses implement to enhance customer retention?

E-commerce businesses can enhance customer retention by making the shopping experience as smooth and fulfilling as possible, maintaining consistent and personalized after-sales communication, and building meaningful relationships with customers. These strategies help create a memorable shopping experience and foster customer loyalty, turning regular buyers into brand advocates.

What is the importance of testing and experimentation in digital marketing?

Testing and experimentation are vital in digital marketing as they allow businesses to explore new ideas, understand what works best for their audience, and stay ahead of the competition. By continuously testing and iterating on different strategies, businesses can innovate and improve their marketing efforts, ensuring they remain relevant in a fast-paced digital landscape.