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In this week’s episode of Growth Interviews, we invite you to join our podcast conversation with Lukasz Zelezny, one of the most passionate and savvy SEO experts in the world.

Welcome to Growth Interviews!

Welcome to Growth Interviews, the fun, stimulating and engaging series of conversations driven by digital business growth. Our mission is to provide valuable insights from the eCommerce arena and each episode is a fascinating quest through the best-kept business secrets and money-making strategies of an insightful world-class expert.

Lukasz Zelezny is an incredible professional with amazingly broad experience and a personal twist that keeps everyone wanting for more. He first started working in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) industry in 2000 while living in Poland at the time. In 2007, he felt he had more to offer to the world, moved to the UK and became responsible for the organic SEO performance of a number of esteemed companies including The Digital Property Group, Thomson Reuters, HomeAway, and Fleetway Travel.

We bet you’re going to love our talk with Lucasz!
Here are the best takeaways:

  • Story of the musician who became an SEO expert – 00.31 
  • Challenges in the SEO arena – 01.24
  • Lukasz’s expert SEO secrets  – 01.55
  • How does the future in SEO look like? – 03.36
  • Voice – new digital hype? – 04.22
  • SEO practice success case – 05.22
  • How to improve SEO ranking with engagement and CRO – 05.53

How One Passion Discovers Another

Lukasz Zelezny’s career path, from musician to savvy and experienced SEO expert and an international key speaker is one of the best examples of one passion igniting the other. Former drum and bass musician, Lukasz understood that his art should be more visible in order to get more concert bookings and the best solution was to promote himself online.

He immersed in the digital world, started researching information about keywords and organic traffic generation and created a website that soon delivered much better than he expected.  It was the era before the rise of Google Analytics, when digital specialists developed, as he stated, “exotic tool to track traffic”, so the challenges were different and exciting. The discovery of a new passion for digital entirely changed the vision of the future for Lukasz and soon SEO became a full-time job and music just a hobby.

Challenges in SEO 

Being constantly on top of the algorithm changes and paying special attention to Google and social media global platforms that are making these changes more often than everybody else is the most important piece of advice from the SEO expert  Lukasz Selezny regarding future challenges. Competition is higher in all areas of digital marketing and SEO is no exception. New tools are being launched every day, with more capabilities than before which pushes all the specialists to be more focused, more engaged in the strategies they propose and permanently updated. A great supporter of martech tools, Lukasz’s favorites in terms of SEO are Keyword Hero and SEMrush. 

Keyword Hero is a most comprehensive SEO tool, fully integrated into Google Analytics, where the user can not only see the keywords, but also the semantic clusters they belong to, brand vs non-brand, CTR, and so on. The platform uses a probabilistic method to match organic sessions in Google Analytics with the most probable keyword, using a variety of data sources, such as the Search Console and billions of data points from browser extensions. After the keyword matching process, the Hero uploads the data to the user’s Keyword Hero Property inside the Google Analytics account, which is not only containing all keywords for the organic sessions but also further valuable information, such as a brand detection, a state of the art keyword clustering, the CTR of your link in the SERPs, the position in the SERPs, etc.

SEMrush is a web application that allows the user to analyze massive amounts of SEO data related to a particular site and its competitors and it became an important tool for marketing content and SEO specialists finding profitable keywords. According to their site, SEMrush is home to over 106 million keywords on about 46 million domains. The platform keeps track of organic positions for domains and landing URLs, can provide insight on competition, and it even keeps Adwords ad copies for sites.

From corporate executive to digital nomad

Since leaving Poland and attending numerous conferences as a key speaker, Lukasz Zelezny not only become an international consultant engaging forward-thinking clients with his latest SEO tactics, but joined the virtual tribe of the digital nomads, too.

The possibility of working from everywhere gives in his opinion, a unique excitement for freedom of movement and the diversity of the scenery a digital nomad meets, brings new knowledge and fresh perspectives ready to be applied in business. Observing and collecting data from other cultures enriches the view of any digital marketing expert and thus, the entire business approach, by offering new and creative ideas born out of physical and digital experiences of living and interacting differently. 

In Lukasz’s vision, all the new experiences, when mixed with knowledge, open up a new creative perspective on strategies, business or new business stream which that being a digital nomad is not only about the excitement of living differently but about rising to a new professional level.

Voice search. A new digital hype?

Questions in the area arise since a decade ago since voice search was only a fresh new digital territory to be explored.
Nowadays, voice search is not only a technology, but a phenomenon, and is gaining more field, fans and adopters by the day as it proves to be what many of us waited for many years.
In spite of the hype, Lukasz Zelezny is quite skeptical about a future huge advancement of voice search implementation and use, because, as he declares “when you are using voice search you are removing a lot of privacy”.

In many social contexts, like the work environment, many prefer not to discuss and expose too many details of their personal life and preferences. The wide use of instant messaging platforms through which billions of people are communication today versus simply talking on the phone is one good example of private preference. Voice search is something that many will avoid when in public but it still is one of the best tools for private and home-based use as it makes life easier and more enjoyable. 

Improving SEO ranking with engagement and CRO

Engagement, user experience and conversion rate optimization are absolutely vital in order to improve SEO rankings. The more attractive a website is, the more it is likely to offer better interactions, better user experiences and thus to increase the visitor number, the duration of the visit and ultimately to transform visitors into customers. More than this, in Zelezny’s opinion, a broader vision on all the media assets, tools and business is needed in order to come with a fully working strategy and the main focus should be on the audience.

Investigating the audience and creating relevant segments for the purpose of creating content that will help gain traction on a specific segment through SEO is another crucial point for improving SEO ranking and performance.


SEO isn’t only about being found on search engines and driving traffic to your website but it is a complex marketing process that creates a lot of added value to the business with the main focus on providing a great experience and generating leads and revenue.

We hope you enjoyed our video interview with Lucasz Zelezny, SEO Consultant in London!

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