Just like any other marketing discipline, conversion rate optimization has a set of rules and tactics that can be applied on any website. However, what do you do when faced with a very special category of products, luxury goods, where most of the conventional tactics don’t apply?

We think that the objective of luxury businesses is the same as for any business: having a good ROI. And conversion rate optimization adapted to luxury markets can help them achieve this objective.

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While luxury means exclusiveness and uniqueness, internet is a medium for everyone. Consequently, many luxury businesses  owners have been reluctant to moving their business online because this equals with making the luxury products available to the masses.

But the shopping needs of affluent buyers have also changed. Generally, these are busy people who appreciate the richness and the fast availability of online luxury e-shops. Also, the luxury market has become an international market. If you are a French real estate company that sells luxury villas and castles, you might want to target the Asian market or the Russian market as well.

So, if you want to have a successful luxury business online, how will you get as many leads or sales from your targeted audiences, while maintaining the elite image of your brand? Here are a few points to take into account on your luxury digital marketing strategy:

Emphasize the uniqueness of your products

Price is just a superficial indication of luxury goods. Among the first characteristics that qualify a product as luxury are the high end materials, the uniqueness of the design, the innovation or the craftsmanship behind it. A luxury brand that understands the digital consumer will try to emphasize their products’ qualities as best as possible.

Using high quality media is essential when presenting the products. Images, professional videos will render the uniqueness of the product and persuade the consumer.

Here are some examples of great product pages:

luxury digital marketingBang & Olufsen

Kaviari product pageKaviari

Market exclusive or limited edition products

People who buy luxury goods can be motivated by hedonism and the pleasure of owning a special thing defined by beauty and perfection. Yet another frequent motivation is the feeling of having access to a product few people can own.

In luxury shops, the scarcity principle can be reversed.  Consumers are not worried that they will lose a very popular product if they don’t buy it right now. They are persuaded that they are from the beginning faced with a rare product.

Developing a line of exclusive products that can only be bought online, on a limited period of time, and emphasizing it on the website is great for the conversion rate optimization. And also a good way to see how your luxury e-shop performs compared to a brick and mortar shop.

Mont Blanc

Make the story of your brand a central element

On a website, how elements are placed and which one occupies the central or above the fold space, are essential factors for conversion optimization. We’ve previously talked about how landing pages should look and what they should communicate. For example, on SaaS websites, the emphasis was on USP, on efficiency and on the benefits the software offers to users.

However, the purchase decision of luxury goods is unique and it’s generally based on emotions. The home page of luxury websites can concentrate on creating the ambiance and on communicating the story of the brand. First you introduce the consumer in the universe of the brand. Only then comes the call to action, inserted more discreetly.

Create loyalty and personalize your communication

People who are attached to a brand want to know everything about new products. And luxury brands that went online have the perfect tools for creating private clubs for brand aficionados. The sense of exclusiveness can be rendered through the creation of newsletters only for designated members or loyal customers. Private section can also be created on brand websites or luxury e-shops. The difference from mass e-shops is that these will not try to create “communities around the brand”, but “clubs for a selected audience”.

Here’s Avenue 32 message for newsletter subscription.

avenue32 newsletter subscription

Newsletters can be further used to personalize the communication, to send tailored offers and announce events adapted to consumers’ preferences.

Measure the right metrics for luxury online businesses

Compared with traditional e-shops, online luxury businesses are a little different when it comes to goals. For a luxury digital marketing strategy, long term objectives might be more important: acquiring only a few yet loyal clients, improving brand notoriety.

However, there are a few KPIs applicable to all luxury strategies:

Number of customer data completed

Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer Lifetime Value

With customers being more and more interested in the convenience of luxury goods, online luxury e-shops with fast delivery have a free way to success. Just remember the basic rules: an online strategy that respects the core values of luxury brands and a conversion rate optimization directed towards getting the right customer, not necessarily more customers.