Although controversial, the Net Promoter Score methodology remains a marketing tool you can rely on for customer data. But how can you integrate it on your website to obtain more accurate answers and why is it so much different than other surveys? Thank you Pages might be the answer and we will try to show you why we think so.

To get to the bottom of things we’ll begin with the concepts involved: the Net Promoter Score and the Thank You Page.

Net Promoter Score was invented by Fred Reichheld, who talks extensively about his theory in the book he wrote, „The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth” and its sequel applied to the online environment, „The Ultimate Question 2.0: How net promoter companies thrive in a customer-driven world”.  Reichheld findings suggest that a very precise and customer centered question can have a more powerful effect than most customer satisfaction surveys.  The question is: “On a scale of zero to 10, how likely are you to refer us to a friend or colleague?”.

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Depending on their rating, customers are Promoters (9 and 10 rating), Passives (7, 8 rating) and Detractors (0 to 6 rating).

The NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

Why is the outcome of this survey so important? According to Reichheld, the Net Promoter Score is a very accurate indicator of a company’s future growth. Companies who have a high Net Promoter Score are more likely to perform better in the future and to grow compared to those who have a low Net Promoter Score.

While the average score is between 5% and 10%, successful companies have a NPS score between 50% and 80%. Companies that are on decline can even have a negative score.

The NPS score is very efficient in terms of assessing a company status, but we all know that to get accurate and actionable data, it’s very important to ask the right question at the right time.  That’s why you have to find precisely the moment when customers are more inclined to answer sincerely.

And this is where the Thank you Page enters the scene.

Visitors are redirected to thank you pages after completing an important step or desired action (one that generates micro-conversions or conversions). Because it’s an additional step in the conversion cycle, the thank you page is often disregarded by marketers.  However, greater roles can be assigned to this page: it can pick again the conversation and make a new conversion, it can create a friendly closing, or it can offer a discount and contribute to customer’s loyalty. It all depends on your marketing ideas and how you want to exploit secondary conversion opportunities.

Thank you pages can also be viewed as the part where you are once again polite and end the conversation or the interaction between the visitors and the website in a nice and fruitful way.
Not building this separate thank you page could mean missing an opportunity for conversions, for finding more about your customers, etc.

Why is the Thank You Page a great moment to ask the Net Promoter Score question?

The fact that visitors receive a thank you page means they have ended an action: the download of a white paper, filling in a form, buying something. So they are already interested in your website and the company. And when you just got something that you really wanted, positive feelings kick in.
The ambiance is already set for asking something from the customer, without intruding too much. So, why not ask about how he feels like about the company and the services he just experimented. The visitor is still engaged and he might take the time to answer, more than he would do in other current situation he faces on any website.

It’s true that the response rates to classical surveys are not great. But a combination of a thank you page and Net Promoter Score question could increase these rates. A question like this, placed after a sale has already taken place, shows that you are not pitching products, you are truly interested in visitors’ opinion and that your concern is to increase user experience.

Why is a simple question so important?

The Net Promoter Score gives you a first clue about how your website, your offers or your customer service are perceived. It’s a much uncomplicated and inexpensive way to find out where you stand. Once you assess the situation, you can dig further and find out what exactly makes customers unhappy or unresponsive to your offers, through more complex tools and activities.

The satisfaction of your clients is the only way to cultivate loyalty and get more sales.

Sign-up to Omniconvert, create the one question survey, and find out what do your clients say: “From a scale to zero to ten, how likely are they to refer you to a friend or colleague?”.