Trying to find a new solution for web personalization? The market offers more than a few possibilities, and one of them (On-page variables) is so easy to use and yet so effective, that it just cannot be overlooked. On-Page variables may seem hard to grasp, but they are actually very accessible and easy to use by any marketer.  Find out more about how to use On-page variables to create personalized on-site messages for different users.

Transforming a website entirely to respond to every customer’s need is a tough job and technically very costly. Instead, you could use an elegant solution: creating personalized parts of content. These content parts can take the form of pop-ups, banners or header bars.

Depending on your communication needs and the objectives of your campaigns, these superposed content parts will have different messages.  You can create pop-ups that talk to visitors who want to leave the website. Or you could create a banner that states the most important and persuasive advantages for each segment of visitors.

And here comes the novelty in designing personalized interactions with the new feature of Omniconvert. By using On-page variables you can automatically include in your messages pieces of on-page content.

You decided to increase the conversion rate on product pages by prompting a personalized message to visitors who want to leave? Your observations show that visitors from social media are receptive to messages, offers or more interested in sweepstakes? In this case you can create especially for them an interaction. For example, ask their email to let them know when the product will be on sale or when new products from the same brand will appear.

Using an On-page variable will make interactions more versatile, the message more relevant to users and better integrated with the original content of the page.

For the above example of interaction the message can automatically retrieve and use the brand of the product. You will create only one message, one interaction that will be adapted to every product page and to a visitor’s persona (social media referred user who viewed more than 4 pages). The message can be: “Let’s keep in touch! Leave us your mail and find out when {ONPAGE [Brand name]} has new products in our store or when their products go on sale”.

newsletter sign up 3

This is how personalized interactions based on On-page variables can be created using Omniconvert:

On the Dashboard you will find the On-page variable. Click on New Variable.


Then enter the page where the variable you want to use can be seen. It can be the product name, the brand, the price. It all depends on the message you want to create.


Use the cursor to pick the variable you want to insert in the message.

Chosing variables

Give your variable a name and save it.


Make a classical interaction and insert the variable you’ve just created as you wish.

Why would anyone use Interactions with On-page Variables? Well, because they are an easy to parameter personalization tactic. Because they rely on page content and can have an increased relevance to users who are interested in exactly that product or brand.

If you have any other questions on how to work with On-page variables and interactions you can always leave us a comment. And you can also try Omniconvert, the 3 in 1 conversion tool.