Over the past few months, we’ve been working relentlessly to update Omniconvert Reveal and make it even more of a secret weapon for the retail & eCommerce Arena. 

We’re very excited to present the latest updates:

The Dynamic Audience Builder is now Integrated with Google Ads 🎯

Serve highly targeted, cost-sensible ad campaigns for remarketing and acquisition.

Starting this Quarter, you can finally use your first-party data to create custom audiences based on RFM segmentation and push these audiences to Google Ads.

So you can say goodbye to shooting in the dark and move on to creating and reaching audiences that matter. 

Create customer audiences mirroring your best customers and acquire better product shoppers.

We’ve already been testing it for Advertising on Meta. It’s only natural to take it a step further and roll it out on Google as well.

Long story short, whether it’s in-house for your shop or you’re providing performance media services as an agency, things will change.

From now on, your Google Ads will be more effective, your audiences more curated, and your resources more protected. 

Use audiences from The Dynamic Audience builder for:

▶️Smart Acquisition Campaigns 

Attract more customers like your best customers and maintain the acquisition costs as low as possible. 

Create a custom audience for the RFM Groups Soulmate, Lover, and New Passion. Then use that custom audience to create a lookalike audience for your Google Ads.

Analyze buying trends by purchased products 🔍

Turn your product suite into a strategic asset with a new way of visualizing buying trends inside the Reveal App.

Using this data visualization feature, you can now identify products or categories from the first order that create repeat purchases. 

This way, you can spot toxic products that cause customer churn after the first purchase and stop pushing them in acquisition campaigns.

At the same time, you can identify best-sellers – the products that brought your best customers over a certain period and start using them more in your campaigns.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can do with the updated Buying Habits feature:

▶️Assess the Value of past campaigns

With the new buying habits update, you can see what customers you acquired during a certain campaign are doing in the present.

For example, if you rolled out a BFCM campaign in 2021 for specific products, you can see how many customers stuck with you until now – and how much revenue they brought. 

This means you can analyze the monetary value and determine whether your past campaigns were profitable in the long term or just short-term wins. 

This knowledge empowers you to create better campaigns in the present, pushing the products that created the best customers in past campaigns.  

You can also decide whether or not it is worth investing in replicating past campaigns, using the same products – thus saving you a lot of your resources.

The beauty of these updates is the incredible amount of control they give over your campaigns

You don’t leave anything to chance. 

You know who your best customers are – and you acquire more like them.

You understand which products create valuable customers – and use them in your campaigns. 

It’s all here. In your data.

Head on to our Product Update Page and see everything you can do with Omniconvert’s Reveal, the problem it solves, and all use cases.

See you soon!