We know you’re worried about the rising acquisition cost and still looking for better ways to approach Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. Your store’s struggles inspired us to build a solution that will allow you to improve Facebook and Instagram Ads ROAS.

We’re happy to invite you to try the Dynamic Audience Builder, a new feature within REVEAL.  

Your concerns around ad costs and the need for a new approach are well-founded. If we’re looking at advertising statistics, like the ones released by Hunch in July 2021, we see that Facebook had an 89% increase, while the average CPM was $11.

The eCommerce world is having a hard time with the rising costs of paid advertising, and things are not going to change anytime soon unless you do more about what is within your power.

We’re here to support you with REVEAL’s Dynamic Audience Builder: a new feature that will help you improve customer acquisition and retargeting results for your eCommerce store with dynamic custom audiences for Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

You’ll find all the customer data you need in your REVEAL account. Now, with the new Dynamic Audience Builder, you can attract more customers like your best customers and reactivate existing customers while maintaining the acquisition costs as low as possible. 

With ads getting more expensive, the Audience Builder is here to help you use your paid campaigns budget wisely. 

How does the Dynamic Audience Builder work?

The Dynamic Audience Builder uses the customer data from your REVEAL account to help you generate custom audiences that are sent directly to your Facebook Business Account and constantly updated.

To use the Audience Builder, you need to integrate REVEAL with your Facebook Business Account by taking the steps described in this guide.

Once the integration is completed, you can create custom audiences by applying one filter or combining multiple filters to your customer base.

Filters allow you to generate customized audiences by:

  • Last order
  • RFM Group
  • Category
  • Brand
  • Product
  • Billing country
  • Billing city
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

You can use the Dynamic Audience Builder to target your existing customers and create lookalike audiences using various filters available within the feature to apply to your customer base.

> Read more about how to use the Audience Builder feature from this guide.

The benefits of using the new Dynamic Audience Builder in REVEAL

The Dynamic Audience Builder is a feature that leverages the power of your customer data by improving the overall results of your Facebook and Instagram paid campaigns, reducing costs with repetitive work, and supporting your acquisition and retention efforts.

Use your existing resources wisely

Your customer data in REVEAL is your goldmine. Based on your extensive knowledge about your customers, the Audience Builder allows you to create dynamic custom audiences and send them directly to your Facebook Business Account.

Have them created by your marketing team, or use them to support the agency helping you with social media ad campaigns. Set it and forget it.

Sure, you could do it manually, but you won’t be able to update the audiences dynamically, and you would lose a lot of time and energy on something that can work for you on autopilot.

Attract more customers like your best customers

The feature allows you to select the best RFM groups, which we call Soulmates, Lovers, New Passions, or Flirting.

Based on the custom audiences you generate, you can create lookalike audiences for your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to attract more new customers like the best you already have.

Facebook’s algorithm learns your ideal audience and starts generating more qualified leads for you to convert and retain.

Re-engage with your existing customers

You can use the Audience Builder to support your customer retention efforts with relevant ads for existing customers from different RFM segments.

The builder comes in handy when you want to create custom audiences to boost your onboarding campaigns, announce a product release or an exclusive offer, nurture passive customers, improve relationships with detractors, re-engage with inactive customers.

Maximize Return On Advertising Spend

With the Audience Builder, you create custom audiences based on accurate data from your REVEAL account, which clearly define who you want to attract or re-engage with.

You’ll be able to generate better ROAS with the same ad budget by reaching the right audience with relevant offers and messages at the right time.

Start using the Dynamic Audience Builder now!

The Dynamic Audience Builder is available for free for all REVEAL users until November 30, 2021.

Starting December 1, 2021, the feature will only be available for users with the SCALE plan, and new REVEAL users with START and GROW plan will have access to a 14-days free trial.

Log in to your REVEAL account, click the “Audience Builder” tab in the menu on the left, and start creating better custom audiences for your store!

It’s time to put your existing data to work.

Dynamic Audience Builder - new feature within REVEAL