Hello, there!

Today, we’re officially launching Omniconvert Reveal!

After 3 years of research & development, we’re finally ready with an outstanding technology aiming to shift the attention from tactical optimization to strategic optimization.

The back story is simple:

One of our eCommerce clients stuck after running AB tests. No significant improvement after crafting UX through experiments.

So, that meant we had to do something.

And that something was to understand customers better.

We manually download the data and build RFM segments.

That made us say: WOW!

We realized how wrong we were to treat everyone the same and to think that using 3rd party data to do personalization will move the needle.

From 300k customers, 1.2% of them have generated 24% of the total margin.

A “Soulmate” customer was as valuable as 297 new customers!

Here‘s the story of that discovery, told by their former eCommerce manager, Cristi Movila, one of the brightest and open-minded eCommerce leaders I’ve met.

So, we’ve decided to build a product to address the problem of customer value optimization.

Our vision is that most of the CRO will shift from tactical tweaks on the website to strategic optimization of the whole customer journey, by analyzing the touchpoints and orchestrating an outstanding customer experience across all channels: ads, emails, website, in-store.

You can’t do that unless you have a systematic approach and access to data about customer behavior: what and when they buy, how often, who are the best & worst, what they say about their experience.

Omniconvert Reveal helps you get a more clear picture. It will then empower you to use those RFM segments on email (already integrated with Klaviyo), website (native integration with Omniconvert Explore to run website experiments) & ads (imagine the CR for lookalike audiences based on the ideal customers)

So, today, we’re inviting you to join a courageous shift: from acquiring more customers to acquiring & keeping better customers.

Reveal is today live on Product Hunt – VOTE IT HERE

The launch will be made through an event:

The Birth of Customer Value Optimization

Join us in a conversation with eCommerce experts like the one and only CRO guru, Tim Ash, Shanelle Mullin – Head of CRO at Shopify, Guido Jansen – the CRO psychologist, Tim Kilroy – eCommerce veteran & 3-times agency owner and one of the first courageous early adopters of Reveal, Dragos Brinza from Decathlon Romania.

If you know or have a Shopify store, get it & use it for free until the end of this year.

If you are using other eCommerce CMS here is how you can find out how to implement Reveal.

To your growth, 
Valentin Radu & The Omniconvert Team