We’re kick-starting Q3 with a refreshed visual identity for Omniconvert Reveal – more modern, intuitive, and immersive. 💛

Besides a refreshed, brand new design, Q2 was all about putting a new focus on:

  • Going more in-depth with the NPS
  • Laser-targeted data visuals
  • Even more integrations
  • Automated reports & more

Here’s how we’ve been working behind the scenes to give you a smoother, more intuitive journey.

A new way to look at your Data – 

with our new Enterprise plan for Custom Shops

You can now see your data by store, channel (online/offline) and department. 

  • So you can better understand the health of your business down to its very core. 

Metrics like CLV, Revenue, Margin, NPS, Orders, (RFM distribution) type of customer distribution (loyal customers, lower-value, about to churn, etc.) are now viewable in more detail than ever. 

On top of this, you can also filter and view Buying Habits by Product tags (Shopify and custom).

  • See metrics like Revenue, Margin, and Orders by Shopify order tags. 

This way you can get a more in-depth analysis of your product assortment and use your findings to push your best-selling products or get rid of toxic products altogether. 

(all your important data at a glance)

Reveal now has 

direct integration with VTEX.  

If VTEX hosts your eCommerce, now it’s easier than ever to skyrocket your sales using the advanced insights provided by Reveal. 

Are you on VTEX?

Integrate Reveal now

(free 30-day trial)

More options for your 

NPS Alerts. 

Are you a Zendesk user?

You’ll be happy to learn that our Zendesk via Klaviyo integration now allows you to get email NPS alerts to treat objections in real-time. 

Preventing churn and increasing loyalty was never this easy! 

What happens when you don’t have any CX tool? No worries, we’ve got your back. 

You can simply link your preferred e-mail address with Klaviyo and your CX team can receive alerts on the specific address. 

You do need to use Klaviyo for this feature to work, though. 

More flexibility 

for sending NPS Invites.

You can now send NPS invites in two ways: through Klaviyo Flows and Klaviyo Campaigns. 

NPS is measured and acted upon by 2/3 of companies in the Fortune 1000. Coincidence? 

No. Data shows that companies using the NPS ( = companies focused on customer loyalty) make higher profits.

Not only this, but they also pay their employees more, keep employees longer, and reward investors better.

So, it’s high-time you took advantage of this powerful tool and reap all the benefits. Use Reveal to send your NPS invites exactly how it suits you – either via flows or campaigns. 

Multiple Users 

Different Roles.

From now on, you can build a more collaborative ecosystem across all your departments with our new user management options!

The shop admin can now invite teammates and co-workers in the shop, attributing different roles to each member. Moreover, the roles can have limited access to specific sections of the shop. 

Foster collaboration as a value on your path to sustainable growth and bring everyone working together with Omniconvert Reveal.

Metric Reports – available

for all plans.

Starting this Q, Reveal sends weekly reports via email, with your last 30 days’ top metrics for days AND a month-over-month metrics evolution/comparison.

This new way of reporting allows you to observe your progress in real-time – and quickly react to any challenges you might face. 

Take it for a ride!

Login to your Reveal Account (or install it for free) and see these changes yourself. 

Thanks for being here with us, and see you next time!