It has been a bit over two weeks since we have officially launched Reveal in the Shopify Store.

We have hosted a live launch with industry experts such as Tim Ash, Tim Kilroy, and Guido Jansen to discuss the birth of CVO – Customer Value Optimization.

We have also had one of our customers, Decathlon, represented by Dragos Brinza, Head of Digital for Decathlon Romania, that told the story behind successfully using Reveal to empower their digital transformation around Customer Centricity.

We are proud to announce we were named 2nd Product of The Day on Product Hunt and had a bit over 120 app installs in less than 14 days.

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Features and Updates

Klaviyo Integration

You can now benefit from our Klaviyo Integration to make use of your customer data that can be exported into Klaviyo and used to create powerful segments, which will fuel automations (using flows) and campaigns based on customer properties. 

See how here.

You can also use our Klaviyo Integration to seamlessly automate the sending of NPS invitations by using our integration with Klaviyo.

This is how you can do it.

Historical and Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Now with Reveal, you can look at your CLV both from a predictive and a historical perspective.

The CLV is defined as the prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer.

CLV is one of the key metrics which needs to be monitored as part of the customer experience program as it reveals how valuable a customer is to a business for an unlimited period of time as opposed to referring to their first purchase solely.

By taking full advantage of this amazing metric, you can effectively get to know what is the average value associated with a long-term bond with clients.

Here is where you can read more about the difference between calculating Historical CLV vs Predictive CLV.

By getting to become fully acquainted with the customer experience and by being able to measure important feedback every step of the way, you can be sure that you are in touch with your CLV. 

Anonymize Customer Data

Customer privacy is top of mind for every business nowadays. We are more aware of the value of information than we ever were before, so protecting personal information is a feature that we take very seriously here at Reveal, also.

This article describes all you need to know regarding the removal of any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) from our platform, and any third parties we’ve sent data to on your behalf.

Customer Reviews

We had the chance to receive some AMAZING reviews from our Early Adopters in these last days so we want to share some with you guys as well!

This will save hours per month on constructing customer insight models and that’s before the potential returns from focusing on the right customers, tackling products/brands that are pulling down NPS and such like. What cracks it though, is the passion with which the Omniconvert team are clearly bringing to the table – they’re all in! The next six months should be fun and rewarding!

This app is really exciting! The ability to segment your customers based on lifetime purchasing history and behavior is really useful. Additionally, you not only have top-level segments (ex. brand lover or Ex-lover) but you also have sub-segments that you can change and prioritize. This app’s data is helping us segment and target via Klaviyo emails to re-engage purchases. Try it out!

Reveal is an amazing app. The consumer insights are really valuable and it’s information that would take me hours to pull from many different sources in one single dashboard! I highly recommend it!

Find more reviews here.


The last two weeks were really eye-opening for our Product Team as we are getting valuable insights from our early adopters which help us shape Reveal in the best way possible.

We are in the process of deciding upon implementing the most impactful features that our current users are requesting.

Stay tuned for new announcements!

Don’t know what Reveal is yet?

Reveal by Omniconvert – Is the first Customer Value Optimization (CVO) software for Shopify Merchants that serves as an unique source of truth about your Customer Value. 

Reveal will help you create personalized customer experiences within your store that can ultimately empower you to retain your customers more and make smarter decisions regarding your acquisitions by providing you with automated advanced reporting for Shopify.

Reveal is integrated with Shopify and plans to become one of the best Shopify apps on its niche.

REVEAL’sRFM tool will provide you with powerful insights into your Customer Buying Behavior. You will be able to grow the Customer Value of your existing customer base by accessing the most important metrics:

  • RFM Segmentation & Analysis
  • NPS Score Monitoring
  • Buying behavior
  • Ongoing Personalization

Whether you are new or not to Customer Retention you now have the opportunity to invest and learn more about how you can improve your relationship with your customers and how you can grow their trust with your shop by offering them delightful experiences.