Do you wish to maximize your business profits with the power of Instagram? We are positive that the answer would be a big Yes! 

Over the years, Instagram has emerged as the most popular social media platform to tremendously increase sales, and brands/marketers are making complete use to maximize their profits and skyrocket their business. 

The sales of a brand speak volumes about how the business is performing. 

If you a brand and widen your reach, brand awareness, and user engagement, then Instagram is the place to be. 

Apart from Instagram, Shopify is a brilliant eCommerce platform to upscale the business and conversion rate.

If you are continuously looking to discover tactics and strategies that can be implemented to boost your brand’s overall performance and your Shopify sales, you have come to the right place.

However, it is initially necessary to understand the basics of Shoppable Instagram Shopify and the prerequisites associated with it.  

We promise that by the time this blog ends, you will surely find some appropriate solution to increase your business sales. 

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What are Shoppable Instagram Feeds on Shopify? What is the craze about?

Let’s reverse back to time and understand a little more about Shopify. 

Established in 2006, Shopify has gradually emerged as one of the best E-commerce platforms that efficiently helps you build your online store and sell your products. Brands have started getting innovative by implementing different ways to enhance their platform’s performance and garner more attention from their customers. 

One of the efficient ways to do so is by displaying Shopify’s Instagram Feed on the Shopify Store. 

The implementation of Shoppable Instagram Feeds on Shopify app is a treat for brands that have their respective Shopify stores. This makes Shopify Instagram Shop an amazing social commerce platform. 

This provides an outstanding opportunity for brands to sell their products effectively on Instagram galleries and Shopify, i.e. Shoppable Instagram Shopify. 

To simply put it across, Shoppable Instagram Shopify is the implementation of a Shoppable Instagram feed on the Shopify website/store.

This feature further accelerates the brand’s performance and effectively increases the brand reach by targeting customers on both platforms at the same time. Hence, it provides brands with a bright chance to boost sales and increase the overall performance of the brand.

With the help of a product tagging feature, the users get a seamless and fuss-free shopping experience. Shoppable Feed on Instagram is indeed the ultimate selling platform for brands. 

Benefits of Shoppable Instagram Feed On Shopify   

Increased Customer Engagement

People love visuals, and surveys suggest that people connect more with visuals and understand better when they watch visuals. There’s no doubt that compelling and attractive visuals on Instagram instantly grabs the onlookers’ attention and further increases engagement. 

When turned into commerce, these enticing visuals can influence the buying decision of the customers by increasing their engagement in the product. 

Build More Faith & Brand Loyalty With UGC

Your existing customers can play the role of the brand ambassadors of your brand. Not only it instills faith in others, but it also gives social proof of your brand quality. If your existing customers speak positively about your brand, it would further increase your customers’ brand loyalty.

You can make your clients feel more comfortable about your brand by adding tags to this UGC and displaying it on your Shopify website. 

By doing this, you will maintain a smooth relation with your customers. 

Much Faster Buyer Journey 

As a business, it is extremely mandatory that your customers stay glued to your website because a customer once gone would not be back easily. 

Moreover, Customer is the king, and you need to ensure that you provide them with an easy & smooth shopping experience. 

Adding tags to the products has many added benefits. By adding additional tags, you can display further specifications of the products like prices and product type and give your customers a flawless shopping experience. They would not feel the need to leave the website. 

Higher Conversion Rates & Sales

Brands can easily connect to their professional and social audience by adding a Shoppable Instagram Feed on Shopify, thus accelerating the customer reach. 

Brand awareness and growth are important and a must for any brand. Increased Brand awareness will eventually lead to enhanced brand performance and gradual growth in sales.

Grab Attention To Your Products 

Due to its eye-catching appearance, your customers will catch sight of your Shoppable Instagram Feeds for Shopify. Shoppable Instagram for Shopify is a whole new way of persuading your customers to buy here and right now! 

Give A Push To Customers To Buy More

All shoppers require is that extra push to buy. By displaying multiple posts through Shoppable Instagram feed, you make the customers feel – ‘Oh I have to buy this!’ and they are compelled to hit that ‘Buy’ button that instant. Moreover, it adds to your business sales too. 

Encourage sales using tags

Take it this way for a second – tags act as product descriptions for the products you wish to sell. They efficiently help break down the product on mobile to help consumers understand the product better. Once the customer clicks on the tags, they will be redirected to the brand’s website to make their purchase. 

Simplified Product Discoverability 

It generally happens when we are scrolling through the feed and are intrigued by some product, we either have to visit the official website or save it to a collection to view it later. Eventually, we lose interest and do not bother checking on it again. On the other hand, with shoppable Instagram on Shopify, we can click on the tag product and check the price and other details and buy instantly. 

Genuine Advertising

Always remember! Customers tend to trust the authenticity & rely on User Generated content over the content published by the brand while making their buying decisions. You can easily build an honest and more trustworthy shopping space by implementing relevant UGC posts with shoppable tags on your Shopify account. 

This will help provide a realistic picture of the products, how people are using the products, honest reviews, etc. 

Visual Marketing Steals The Show

As mentioned earlier, with an Instagram shop on Shopify, you can make use of fascinating images and videos to engage and attract the customers and turn them into leads and eventually sales. 

Visuals attract a customer 1000 times more than written text. 

To get more brand recognition, visual marketing is the perfect solution!

More Promising Customer-Brand Relationships

Whenever a customer shops from your brand, they take away a memory of their shopping experience. They make their views about the brand as per their experience. It is mandatory that the customer enjoys an easy and good shopping experience with your brand. This is where Trust comes in. Once a customer starts believing in your brand, they will not go anywhere, and apart from becoming loyal customers, they will be the loyal brand ambassadors for your business too! 

The customer will surely enjoy a memorable experience with Shoppable Instagram on Shopify. 

Amazing Customer Experience

A good customer experience is crucial for all eCommerce businesses. Hence, the above-mentioned points will definitely help you get those extra stars from your customers for your brand/business. Customers look for an easy and fuss-free shopping experience. The shoppable Instagram feature will for sure provide a seamless experience and eventually get more customers to buy your products.  

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Let’s Call It A Wrap

As promised earlier, we are sure that by now, you must be aware of the significance of adding a Shoppable Instagram Feed to your Shopify Store. It is slowly providing one of the best marketing strategies to build faith in customers and boost your brand sales. 

It will provide customers with easy access to the products and ensure a seamless buying experience for them. 

However, we would highly suggest obtaining the legal rights of the Instagram posts that you are using. A few users might get highly offended that brands are using their posts without taking their due permission. You need to take the content rights from the owner to keep your brand far from legal troubles. 

You can acquire rights for your Shoppable Instagram Shopify with a relevant UGC rights platform. 

The implementation of a Shoppable Instagram Feed on Shopify is the perfect way to not only improve your sales but also to up your marketing game.