If you perceive your website less like a commerce platform and more like an animated business, one that works with people, you will see that a personal approach is essential.

Websites are becoming more and more beautiful, with clearer structures that enable the customers to rapidly find what they were looking for. All this is made possible by the advancement of webdesign and programming. Nevertheless, there is another very important aspect of websites that needs to evolve: personal or empathic communication between the site and the customer. It’s a big change in the way we think about websites, but if we want to improve user experience while increasing sales, personalization becomes essential.

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How can you personalize websites with smart interaction?

Besides the intuitive design and structure, a good idea for a better customer experience would be to create and launch personal messages at key moments.


On exit messages that reengage visitors by offering them new reasons for purchasing, or new offers more adapted to their needs

  • Pop-ups with surprise offers for loyal customers – same day shipping offers, discounts
  • Messages that increase trust – testimonials from other customers that correspond to your current customer’s profile

This kind of messages leaves a more vivid impression on customers. The site will acquire through smart interaction a more distinct personality and will be viewed as friendly and helpful.

The whole idea with personal communication is to surpass the one way communication. Through traffic segmentation and customers’ behavior analysis you can determine in real time the characteristics of the visitors. Use this data to personalize your messages and to offer customers deals or information that means something to them. Giving more is one of the best ways to increase on-site engagement and to create brand attachment. Also, gathering data means paying attention to details, and people feel great when someone really takes seriously their needs and wants.

What kind of messages to create and when to launch smart interaction?

Smart interaction success depends highly on the precision of the launching and on the look and feel of the message.

Use a natural way of speaking in your messages.

  • While there is no comparable substitute for real inter-personal communication, pictures with people will give a human touch to your messages.
  • Launch only messages that bring some added value to customers (a real deal, a good information)

Here are the best interaction points or moments:

  • On landing page: a personalized message will set the tone of the communication, and will add to the visitor's first impression.
  • On exit: create on-exit offers or interactions for customers. What you say to them on exit will influence the way you are remembered.
  • On the moments of doubt about the purchase.

If you want to improve shopping experiences on site, to reduce bounce rate and to increase sales, you can use Omniconvert and its new smart interaction feature.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. You can chose between various ways of display:

type of banners
Step 2. Create your interaction message. For your graphics, you can choose one of the predefined templates or you can upload your own artwork.

personalized customers interaction

Use the editor to add your messages and your deals. Depending on your segmentation and your type of message, you can use different variables to personalize your interaction:


personalized messages on site

Step 3.  Put the finishing touches on appearance and on display time.

Interactions Step 3Step 4. Preview your creation

smart interaticion on site


So, are you ready to incorporate personalized messages into your customer communication and see how sales are influenced?