Driving traffic to a website is not enough. E-commerce stores have to meet the customers expectations. If they don’t, they have to grab their interest and retain them in the sales funnel. It’s a difficult task but it can get easier if marketers could figure what are the reasons for this type of behavior. Site abandonment is truly a pain in the ass.

Customer retention efforts start with the analysis phase. One has to know why the website’s visitors behave in a specific manner. The outcomes of the analysis have to show solutions to trigger other type of behavior that’s in the company’s interest. Therefore, the most valuable information comes directly from the website’s visitors and customers.

You can analyze behavior either with free web analytics softwares (e.g.: Google Analytics), or paid tools with advanced features (e.g.: Kissmetrics). Usually, surveying satisfied customers is something that should go hand in hand with the quantitative data analysis, but not in this the case. Satisfied customers could only provide with insights about what convinced them to buy.

The solution is using exit surveys on the product page. As shown in previous articles, the product page is the cause of high abandonment rate. Therefore, besides the top 8 reasons that we present in this infographic, there are other barriers that can be revealed only by your website’s visitors.

Tips to create an exit survey on the product page:

  • keep it short – a one question survey is enough to collect insights
  • display the question without the classical invitation “Hey, do you have a couple of minutes?” The visitor is probably annoyed because he couldn’t find what he was looking for and he will ignore your message
  • if you can afford it, offer an incentive to convince people to answer to your survey

To get inspired for your next series of surveys, check your website for the following 8 points. When you identify something that is missing, you could start the optimization efforts.

PRO Tip: If not sure that either your offering isn’t attractive or the website’s design is the reason for high abandonment rate, try this trick.

Get from this list the reasons that have to deal with the website’s design and copy such as the product descriptions. Find out if they are leading to poor conversion rates on the product pages and then validate solutions with simple A/B tests. On the other hand, issues such as customer service, returns policy, delivery conditions could be validated with the survey answers. An open question addressed to visitors who intend to leave the website, “What is missing on this page that determined you to leave us?”, could provide with insights about these elements.

8 reasons visitors leave websites

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Stats to share:

[Tweet “47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.”]

[Tweet “3% of abandoned carts happen due to confusing product information.”]

[Tweet “22% of abandoned carts happen due to no shipping information available.”]

[Tweet “44% of consumers leave a cart because of the high shipping costs.”]

[Tweet “15% of consumers don’t complete a purchase due to products out of stock.”]

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