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RFM model: Flirting

Give a read to this chapter of the CVO Guide to learn more about the RFM model’s Flirting group with a lot of inconsistencies but also high potential.

RFM Analysis - Flirting

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The previous chapter of our in-depth CVO guide focused on another important RFM segment – New Passion – and we presented some of the measures that can help you transform them into Soulmates and avoid falling into the unwanted side of RFM segments as Don Juans.

In this chapter, we’re exploring an interesting RFM group – Flirting customers, a group that has a lot of inconsistencies but also high potential if treated right.

The Flirting segment sets apart from the rest as a group of customers who are active on and off. Their inconsistency is reflected in the Frequency score (varies from 1 to 3). These customers have recently placed an order (Recency score is 4) and their order value is average or above-average (Monetary Value score is 3-5).

Flirting is all fun and games, but not when it comes to your eCommerce business. Your goal is to eliminate this inconsistent behavior and encourage this RFM segment to order more often and more regularly. When treated properly, Flirting customers can grow into Lovers and even Soulmates if you’re doing a really good job. 

Let’s see what you can do!

How to advance from Flirting to Lovers or Soulmates

The Flirting segment can be nurtured into more valuable customers if you carefully analyze their behavior and identify the tactics that make them click and, hopefully, fall in love with your brand forever. 

Excellent packaging and unboxing experience

For an eCommerce business, packaging and unboxing are probably the only physical interactions your customers are having with your brand, so you need to make them personal. 

Do you know what creates a positive and lasting first impression? Use this knowledge to design your packaging and create an unboxing experience that makes Flirting customers fall in love with your brand irremediably. 

When you sell products exclusively online, you don’t just deliver to your client’s door, you need to create personal, memorable experiences. Take advantage of all the information you have about your customers and add personalized elements into their package, including a personalized “Thank You Note” or a gift based on their preferences.

How to do this?

Go to the Product Returns section in REVEAL and look at the metrics that reflect Order Return by RFM groups. This will help you identify the products and services that might transform Flirting customers into detractors. In the Buying Habits section, you can see the items and brands that Flirting customers order the most.

User Experience and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Individual customer satisfaction and experience surveys help you capture valuable feedback from your Flirting segment.  You can then use these fresh and frank impressions to improve your efforts to create a lasting relationship.

The answers from your Flirting customers might hold the reasons for their inconsistency. A pre-delivery survey gives you a clear image of their on-site experience and how they feel about the purchase process. A post-delivery survey offers you details about their most recent purchase and measures their customer experience.  

How to do this?

Connecting REVEAL with EXPLORE allows you to automatically match your RFM groups and trigger a survey using the dedicated builder. You can also measure NPS score pre and post-delivery by connecting REVEAL with Klaviyo or Sendgrid. The NPS survey can be created from templates and you can embed the survey in an email that will be sent automatically.

Improved onboarding process

The onboarding program allows you to create a positive first impression and to set expectations for future interactions. The goal of this onboarding process is to create a stronger connection with your brand story and to get a better understanding of the products you’re offering.

It’s up to you how you will deliver this onboarding program. Some brands opt for a series of emails to present essential information about how customers can get the most out of their purchases and to include persuasive call-to-actions that generate repeat customers. Regardless of the format of your onboarding process, make sure you’re delivering value and using the Flirting segment’s time wisely.

How to do this?

One of the advantages of using REVEAL is the fact that you automatically get information about all of your RFM segments for various metrics such as Historical CLV and Predictive CLV by RFM Group, Average Days Between Transactions, 2nd-month cohort stickiness rate, Chances to Place the next order, Retention curve.

Access to exclusive content

Flirting customers are still learning about your brand and how your company can make their lives better. Exclusive content helps them gain trust in your brand and it also makes Flirting customers feel special. 

Create an exclusive magazine for your clients to delight your Flirting segment and try to insert personalization elements like purchase recommendations based on their history. After all, your goal is to improve retention and frequency among your Flirting customers.

How to do this?

If you don’t know what products you should recommend or what products can be supported by more educational content, you’ll get your answers in REVEAL. In the Catalog section, you can identify top-performing brands, products and categories that your Flirting customers are interested in. In the Product Returns section, you will find products that might need support from marketing through educational content.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are essential for RFM groups like Flirting customers and represent the tactic your eCommerce business needs to nurture them into Lovers and Soulmates, two of the most valuable segments in a company. 

You want to make it clear right from the start that you’re ready for a long-term commitment so you can present your loyalty program as soon as possible, in the early interactions. Design an attractive loyalty program by mixing various rewards, tiers, perks, gamification or exclusive/ VIP benefits.

How to do this?

Eliminate inconsistencies by looking in REVEAL at the average days between orders and by identifying between which orders your business registers the biggest drops. To keep them close and happy, you need to know what makes Flirting customers run away. Use NPS data and all the metrics related to customer retention to adjust your loyalty programs.

Gift cards

Flirting customers who fall in love with your product and business are more likely to purchase gift cards for their friends and family and to expose your eCommerce store to new people, who you didn’t reach yet, and to bring new customers that you can nurture.

Gift cards are a perfect tactic to increase frequency for eCommerce businesses that have a longer time gap between orders and can also become a popular alternative if you wrap it with the right positioning and messaging.   

How to do this?

To let your Flirting group know about your special gift cards or even send them some to mark special occasions, our recommendation is to connect REVEAL with your Klaviyo or Sendgrid account so your list of Flirting customers is synced with the email marketing platform you’re using.

Personalized offers on different channels

If you want to nurture Flirting customers into Lovers and Soulmates, you have to show them that you really care about their needs, preferences and opinions. Use the data you gathered so far to create personalized offers and send them across different channels to see which work better.

Flirting customers are still learning about your brand just as you are discovering their particularities. Create the perfect campaigns and offers to let them know that you are a skilled architect of customer experience. Analyze this segment carefully and you’ll learn how to create consistency and generate loyalty.

How to do this?

In REVEAL, you’ll discover what Flirting customers like and what makes them run away. Look for their favorite products, brands and categories in the Catalog section. Find what causes poor experiences by looking in the Product Returns section. Use customer experience and customer satisfaction surveys to receive fresh and honest feedback from them.

Subscription-based purchases

How do you know that your Flirting customers are looking for a long term commitment if you don’t ask them? How would they know you’re ready for more if you don’t prove that you’re prepared for the long run? Subscription-based purchases represent the perfect proposition for a lasting relationship.

It’s a tactic that eliminates the flirty behavior and leads these customers to the next level segments – Lovers or Soulmates. Subscriptions create healthy buying habits and bring more predictability to your business, which helps you improve the overall customer experience.

How to do this?

Thanks to REVEAL’s integration with Shopify, you can add RFM group tags in your Shopify CRM for all of your customer segments. Also, combined with the new capabilities of Shopify, REVEAL allows you to detect Flirting customers and show them in the checkout stage that they can opt for the subscription-based alternative.

How to bring more Flirting customers

  • Create a lookalike audience based on your most promising and most valuable segments: Flirting, New Passions, Lovers and Soulmates. Import the data from Reveal into your advertising platforms to target and attract similar people to these segments and make the most out of your paid media budget.

  • Use Conversion Rate Optimization and Customer Value Optimization best practices to convert the Flirting segment into more advanced customers: Lovers and Soulmates. 

  • Create RFM marketing campaigns by reiterating what worked best for the most loyal customers. Gather the insights generated by the tools you’re using for your eCommerce business to create data-driven marketing campaigns. Find the best messages and offers to attract and convert leads that have the characteristics of the Flirting segment into customers.

There are plenty of methods that can help you change the behavior of the Flirting segment and eliminate their inconsistencies. To support your efforts, REVEAL is the tool that helps you monitor their behavior and gather insights to determine what works best for this group. 

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Alexandra Panaitescu

Alexandra Panaitescu

Alexandra mixes her love for inbound marketing with the passion for the eCommerce & SaaS industry to make sure you get actionable content as support for your growth team efforts.
Alexandra Panaitescu

Alexandra Panaitescu

Alexandra mixes her love for inbound marketing with the passion for the eCommerce & SaaS industry to make sure you get actionable content as support for your growth team efforts.

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