In many ways, Conversion Rate Optimization is still in its infancy. Many business owners (especially in the medium-sized sector) either don’t see it at its true value or they simply fail to hire CRO experts that will lay actual results on the table.

Why is that?

Well, there seem to be a lot of reasons – so, after a discussion with Viljio Vabrit from ConversionXL, Chase and Valentin put together a GardenSide eCommerce video to explain the WHY and the HOW of this kind of failures.

Here’s the breakdown:

CRO Is Young, a Change in Mentality Is Needed


In Valentin’s words:

“CRO started about ten-fifteen years ago and there aren’t too many people in this field. You can’t study CRO at the University, and there aren’t too many people that are genuinely talented at these things – so you can learn it by either doing it or reading, attending  webinars, conferences and applying what they learned

CRO is more about experimenting than any other industry in digital marketing because you can see the impact of your things right away.”

On top of that, a CRO expert needs to be a bit of everything: a psychologist, a copywriter, a data analyst, and so on.

Moreover, every CRO team needs to be backed up by someone who really knows how to do front-end development.

“It’s not so much a matter of finding the problem, as it’s about fixing the problem”, said Valentin. There’s a framework that should be followed. To fix your conversion problems, you must:

First and foremost, you must be aware that you have a conversion problem;

Then you should:

#1 analyze the mindset within the company;

#2 fix the data hygiene issues;

#3 run a proper research on the issues you have spotted;

#4 identify your ideal customer profile;

#5 go further into testing, running the experiments properly.

How Should Agencies Hire the Best CRO Experts?


All agencies know that they need the very best Conversion Rate Optimization experts. They have specific budgets allocated for this, but not a lot of them know how to create the right CRO team.

As Valentin puts it, there are three main ways to address the lack of experience many CRO teams have to face:

#1 Being very familiar with the CRO process; Start by reading.

#2 Building hypotheses backed-up by data and research (both qualitative and quantitative) and knowing which are the winning experiments they’ve run;  

#3 Admitting that lack of success doesn’t usually happen because of one or more individuals, but because of a broken mindset. Not training people and not building a sound organizational architecture will eventually lead to unsuccessful attempts.

An Optimization Team Should Have at Least Five Layers:

A Data Analyst that grabs the insights;

A Project Manager that makes sure everything runs smoothly;

A Front End Developer and a QA to correctly set the experiments;

An outstanding Copywriter;

A UX Designer to help everyone out.

“It’s not about individuals, but about a company mindset that will provide the CRO Experts with the resources and the funding they need”, said Valentin.

When Should Agencies See an ROI on Their CRO Investment?


Conversion Rate Optimization is a process, more than anything. It’s not an end-goal result or a project that needs some steps to be checked. As Valentin puts it, “it’s all a matter of how successful the agency is in developing a relevant hypothesis and making sure the experiments are correctly set up.

It’s also a matter of how good they are in helping their customers understand that results will be yielded, but that it’s not going to happen during the so-called “honeymoon”.

A CRO tool will do its job (to provide the data). But the magic happens when you have the right team and when you have the right process in place. The CRO process results will come if you have the right testing velocity and quality.

It’s not about the tools.

“It’s a talent issue and a discipline issue because everything should be done at the right time.”, said Valentin Radu.

One last tip for agencies looking to build amazing CRO teams?

They need to know when CRO is necessary. If a website has less than 100k views in terms of traffic, it’s probably too little to proceed upon the Conversion Rate Optimization path. There are things you can do for your agency clients in these cases, but it’s not necessarily “CRO by the textbook”.

Conversion Rate Optimization is a new market. More than 60% of the larger websites acknowledge the power behind CRO and a lot of them use specialty tools in this section. And yet, we are still uneducated – not because we don’t know a lot of tips and tricks, but because this market is so rapid in its ascension that we all need to continuously educate ourselves. We are all in the situation of building a plane while in flight.