I changed my mind multiple times. 

Early in my life, I changed a lot of jobs. 

I had around 17 jobs before building companies. 

I’ve been a butcher for 2 hours. 

I sold cookbooks on the street. 

And life insurance after that.

DJ at two radio stations. 

Optometrist for 2 years.

Sales rep. 

Sales trainer. 

Web designer. 

Bit by bit, I realized that I have a passion for building systems, innovating, and inspiring others.

My first startup was one of the first internet service providers in my home city, Bucharest. 

The motivation was to play Starcraft with a broadband connection:) 

No pain, no gain, right?

After the exit from that company, I lost all my money & got a loan to build a web design company in the b2b space. 

More expensive than an MBA.

But more valuable, also.

The 3rd company I co-founded became Romania’s largest online car insurance player: we invested $700 and got from 0 to 250k customers.

What we literally did was to change the buying habits of 250k people. We were a newcomer that proposed a new way to get car insurance. 

The UVP: you can do it all online. No need to get outside, find a parking spot, and compare prices from various insurance companies. 

Even though I wasn’t aware at that moment, I respected BJ Fogg’s behavior model.

In order to change behavior, you need 3 things:

Motivation – The insurance is mandatory AND there’s the best price on the market

Ability – You don’t have to go outside, everything happens online

Prompt – That’s what we have been able to design.

We leveraged the fact that we’ve had the first position for our main keyword on Google. “RCA ieftin” means “Cheap car insurance”. 

Those 5000 stickers had a crazy ROI eventually. 

Placed on the garbage bins, at the level where the eyes could see, it led to change in the search behavior, that can be seen on Google trends:

The moral of this story?

Design a prompt.

The most common (and worst) way that marketers are trying to change consumer behavior is by trying to increase motivation by sweetening the price. 

That leads to lower margins, devaluing the brand, and pretty much, a spike in sales and increasing the expectations for a better price next time you promote your brand.

Examples of cool prompts for eCommerce companies:

  • Every Friday at 8 PM we’re adding new products 
  • Every morning after you brush your teeth, make sure you consume our product (no consumption habit, no buying habit)
  • Every time people 

Companies have designed prompts that we’re not even aware of. 

Recently, a company called Thursday has built an app prompting single people to try doing matchmaking only… Thursday.

Btw, I have a few prompts for you, as well:

  • Next time you check your Facebook ROAS, remember that Reveal can help you out
  • When you look in GA at the eCommerce sales, and you wonder what’s your CLV, remember that Reveal is out there for you
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