Ecommerce optimization has never been easier

Test, persuade & understand your visitors’ emotions with Omniconvert

Avon generated an overall 15.41% uplift in revenue

One size fits all is so 1997

1on1 personalization is becoming mandatory for eCommerce websites looking for high growth.

With Omniconvert, you can get rid of the one-size-fits-all approach.

Gain more relevance by delivering experiences based on real data:

Purchase history

(brand, category, lifetime value)

ecommerce optimization


(country, city, range around the city)

Weather conditions

Browsing history

(days since first visit, no of page views, etc)


(cookie, browser, resolution, GTM)

Traffic Source

(organic, paid, email, etc)

Companies big and small use our personalization tool to increase their ecommerce conversion rate

Qualitative research is a crucial part of your growth strategy

Used wisely along with the quantitative data, it gives you a solid ground for improving your business. Qualitative data is about the qualities and characteristics of something that can’t be reduced to numbers, such as user behaviors, needs, desires, routines or use cases. 

Here’s what you can discover through qualitative research:

  • Who’s your buyer persona (Demographics, Emotional triggers, purchase intent)
  • Net promoter score (NPS)
  • How many of your visitors found what they were looking for
  • What keeps new visitors from converting into customers
  • Which product categories/brands are the most appealing
  • Customer satisfaction for brands/ categories/ products/ prices
  • What would make your visitors purchase

Do you know your revenue per email? Then you know why 75% companies agree that email offers "excellent" to "good" ROI. (Econsultancy, 2016)

Ready to use templates

Trigger exit-intent overlays

ecommerce conversion rate

A micro conversion is far better than no conversion. Transforming an abandoning visitor into an email subscriber is one of the best micro conversions you can do. Use logic branching surveys and exit-intent overlays to grow your list. Then push these emails to the email provider you are using thanks to our integration.

Exit-intent overlays = foot-in-the-door technique applied online. 

Grab the attention and the email address of the visitors who are about to exit your page. They give you a second chance to retain an otherwise lost visitor and later convert them into a customer. These can be triggered based on behaviour, segment and specific page.

Get more email subscribers

We’ve got more than 100 ready to use, fully customizable templates for your overlays, to help you capture email addresses of your visitors and grow your list. They are super easy to implement, test and then measure their results.

True retention should be customer-centric

Build a loyalty program based on RFM scoring (recency-frequency-monetary value). Then decide in what part of the funnel and for which visitors you offer a particular, custom tailored experience.

Plan small surprises, instant gratification, welcome-back gifts for your customers according to the value they have for your business.

The more you invest in serving your customers beyond their expectations, the more they’ll come back and buy your products and services.

Use surveys to understand who your audience is, and to find out more about your customers’ motivations, fears and needs. After that it will be easier to build a data-driven loyalty program.

Craft the best journey for your most valuable customers

Habit forming is the key for high-growth companies

Dopamine for your returning customers

By-pass the huge backlog of the dev-team by using Omniconvert. You can deploy small adjustments or test new features that require only front-end development. This saves you time and money and helps you test and improve as quickly as you want to get the best version of your website. 

Ecommerce optimization without dev help

Be relevant at every touch-point

Set it & forget it - smart recommendations 

A.B testing for different widgets

Exit-intent overlays with recommended products

Show high-end electronics to teenagers? Not such a good idea.Using our recommendation engine you can show the most relevant products according to content based recommendation and collaborative filtering.


Through Zapier you can easily connect your Omniconvert lead capturing overlays with any major email automation service, such as MailChimp or GetResponse. No wasting time on manually syncing lists, no new-leads are lost.

Omniconvert works smoothly on: Prestashop, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Drupal eCommerce, IAI Shop, ContentSpeed, GoMag & most of the custom eCommerce Platforms

Email automation

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar or Inspectlet are important tools that help you monitor your traffic and your users behavior on your website, through analytics and heatmaps. We have integrations with all of these so you can track and get valuable insights from all your Omniconvert experiments.

Whatever your ecommerce platform, Omniconvert allows you to make the most out of it by easily integrating with platforms such as Magento or Shopify.


Awesome eCommerce companies using Omniconvert

Project Manager at Telekom

Dragos Oprea

"We used Omniconvert to increase our sales and conversion KPIs without extra costs with media advertising. Omniconvert helped us grow our expectations in terms of lead capturing and orders placed through the eShop."

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