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Frequently Asked Questions

Reveal is a Customer Value Optimization Platform that helps eCommerce companies to segment their customers and gain insights for better campaigns, higher ROI and more repeat customers. 

  1. a) If your store is on Shopify, we have direct integration so the implementation takes less than 5 minutes by clicking “Get App” here.

b) If your shop is on other platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce or BigCommerce you need to first create a REVEAL account and then import data needed by Reveal within data feeds served via HTTP, into JSON format. A separate file is needed for each type of data that Reveal imports: customers, categories, products, orders.

REVEAL will deliver Customer Lifetime Value, Retention and Segmentation insights for your eCommerce business by providing you with automated customer reports based on your customers’ buying behavior. The real benefits:

✔️ Monitor what matters – CLV, Retention, Purchase Frequency, Cohorts

✔️ eCommerce Dashboard – A clear overview of your customers and business

✔️ Optimize your Marketing – create better-targeted e-mail and ad campaigns in the future by using present insights and segmentation

✔️ Acquire more customers like the your best ones by generating lookalike audiences

✔️ Product Assortment Optimization – Know exactly what to offer to whom

✔️ Refine your product assortment based on NPS results

✔️ Create loyalty programs by modelling and predicting your best customers’ behavior

✔️ Prevent churn & increase word of mouth by Monitoring NPS in real-time

Reveal works the best for companies looking to understand their customers better.
However, the higher is the purchase frequency in your industry, the higher the impact will be:

Highest Impact: food & drinks, health&supplements, groceries, beauty& cosmetics, fashion & apparel, books, pets&animals, toys&games

Medium impact: home& garden, furniture, electronics

You will instantly realize what needs to be fixed, as you’ll have access to the customer segments and understand their behavior. After that, it will be a matter of how many positive changes you make in the marketing campaigns that you’ll launch.

The maximum impact will be for stores with >30k customers in their database. That happens due to RFM customer segmentation, which works best on large enough groups.
If you plan to use Reveal to improve NPS and monitor CLV, then your store can be smaller than that. 

Shopify & Magento: from a few minutes to a few days. This depends on the number of requests per second of those eCommerce platforms. 

Custom stores: it will take a few days to do and validate the initial integration and then, to send the historical data.

These are the 5 use cases if you’re an eCommerce manager:

  1. Monitor what matters – CLV, NPS, cohorts, etc 
  2. Improve customer acquisition – use your best customers to build better campaigns 
  3. Improve the customer experience with the pre & post-delivery NPS
  4. Retain more customers thanks to the RFM segmentation
  5. Understand how your product assortment should be optimized

To level up your game and prove to your eCommerce clients that you understand their business. 

You will:

  • Know how much your client should spend to acquire a new customer
  • Understand the big picture about your eCommerce struggles
  • Optimize your efforts so that your client gets more value from the cooperation with you

RFM segmentation is one of the most advanced ways to leverage email marketing in eCommerce.

With Reveal, you will:

  • Be able to launch highly relevant email flows based on the days since the last purchase & the RFM segments
  • Know the purchase cycle and when customers are ready to buy again, to adjust your email cadence accordingly
  • Define email campaigns that will be way more effective than the standard ones, as you consider the propensity to buy

We all know what happened with ROAS lately. 

With Reveal, you’ll be able to do 3 main things:

  1. Acquire better customers based on the current best customers – RFM activates this new
  2. Leverage the purchase behavior of the best customers, as you will know when and what products they buy so that you craft more effective campaigns based on that knowledge
  3. Automatically launch evergreen campaigns that are dynamically updated with the audiences from Reveal, based on the RFM segment, the product, brand, category, or location of various customers

The conversion rate in eCommerce means 2 things: new customer acquisition rate & customer retention rate. 

With Reveal, you’ll expand your know-how about the retained and the best customers, thanks to the RFM segmentation.

Then, you’ll be able to run experiments based on the RFM segmentation, coming up with more relevant messaging according to the relationship the eCommerce will have with that customer. 

After that, if that inspires you, you’ll be able to expand your optimization efforts, from the website as a single channel to the whole customer lifecycle, migrating from CRO to CVO.

Traditionally, customer success was seen as reactive & a cost-center. 

We see customer success as crucial in any eCommerce business willing to thrive. 

With Reveal, you’ll instantly get these 4 new powers:

  1. Monitor the NPS pre and post-delivery – see why the customers are happy or sad
  2. Treat the issues in real-time: automatically create tickets in your help-desk for the dissatisfied customers, based on a set of rules – NPS score & RFM segment (how active & valuable is the customer that gave that rating)
  3. Monitor NPS by brand, category, location, or customer support rep – find who are your best reps, replicate their methods, or reward them accordingly.
  4. Turn the CS from a cost-center to a profit-center: proactively address customers according to how valuable they are to surprise& delight them or prevent their churn.

We have integrations available with Klaviyo, Gorgias, Facebook & Instagram, Explore, and many more coming soon. 

However, we can assist you with our dev team to integrate with whatever tools you use right now efficiently.

Yes, you will be able to analyze the customer behavior from the first order until now. 

That usually depends on your dev team and how your data is configured – we have seen integrations that took one day to integrations that took a few weeks. If you already have feeds about your orders, products, customers, and categories, then you’re good: it will take very little time.

Yes. For each customer segment, eCommerce owners can oversee and monitor:
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Retention Rate 
  • The chances to place the next order 
  • Cohort Analysis 
  • Catalog Insights & Anomalies 
  • Pre- and post-delivery NPS
  • Website personalization

If you want to create a great customer experience it all starts with your customers.

REVEAL helps you to discover who are your Ideal Customers (your soulmates) so you can better target them and improve your communication with your future and existing clients.

Understand your Customers and Business

REVEAL is a Customer Value Optimization Platform that helps e-commerce businesses with automated insights into customers’ buying behavior, segmentation, NPS and lifetime value.



Analytics &




customer voice



buying habbits



customer analytics




Integrated with



Our clients are using REVEAL to achieve better, sustainable results through smart segmentation and retention.

5/5 (+50 reviews)

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REVEAL Highlights

Monitor eCommerce analytics in our advanced automated reporting system and gain actionable data for your CVO efforts.

Customer Lifetime Value

Historical & Predictive CLV

Find the customer value you can expect & obtain

Customer Retention

Customer retention

How good are you at generating repeat customers

Top Customers

Top Customers

Identify your most valuable customers

Average days between transactions

Average days between transactions

How much it takes until a customer places a new order

Gross Margin

Gross Margin

See the Profit generated by each product sold

Chances to place the next order

Chances to place the next order

How likely the customer is to place another order

Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis

How are you retaining new customers over time

RFM segmentation

RFM segmentation

Split your customer data base into RFM groups

Buying habits

Buying habits

Generate detailed customer behavior research

Net Promoter Score

Net promoter Score

Measure and monitor customers' happiness

Top Products & categories

Top products & categories

Identify your best-performing products

Top brands

Top brands

Identify your best-performing brands

Product Returns

Product Returns

Gain a deep view of your order returns

Net Revenue

Net revenue

Find your earnings after subtracting expenses

Average Order Value

Average Order Value

How much your customers are spending on each order

REVEAL in Action

Segment your customers with Reveal and gain insights for better-targeted campaigns, higher ROI and more repeat purchases.

Still not sure?

We’d love to show you how our software can help your business.

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