CRO is the acronym for Conversion Rate Optimization. It is a process through which, rates of conversion from any digital device, such as a computer and mobile phone, are increased. A CRO agency is a setup that makes sure that all the aspects of conversion rate optimization are fulfilled. The CRO includes the generation of ideas for the development of elements on an application or a website for improvement in performance and the evaluation of these ideas, making use of multivariate and A/B testing.

What is the importance of a CRO Agency?

A CRO agency works to increase the overall revenue generation for your website by limiting the costs of customer acquisition and increasing the value of your current visitors. The role of a CRO agency can be understood by a simple example. For example, there is a website that gets 1,000 visitors and the current conversion rate is 5%. With the services of a CRO agency, the conversion rate can be increased. Let’s say it increases to up to 10%, the conversions will double the revenue on the basis of per person without needing to increase the traffic.

Since the need to optimize a website or an application is continuous, the services of a CRO agency are constantly needed by businesses and companies for better performance by improving the user experience for their visitors.

Setting Goals for CRO

A CRO agency will always work with certain goals to improve the growth of the businesses they are working for. This process is called setting conversion metrics. These metrics vary according to the types of businesses as well. For example, the conversion metrics for an online business will be completely different from the conversion metrics for a multinational company.

Based on the industries, some of the common conversion goals tackled by a CRO agency are:

  • Media – page views, newsletter subscriptions, ad views, recommended content engagement
  • Travel – booking conversions, social shares, ancillary purchases
  • E-commerce – product sales, shopping cart completion rate, add-to-carts, e-mail newsletter sign-ups
  • B2B – deals closed, leads generated