A landing page is an individual page on your website created with the purpose of generating leads or customers. Given that the main goal of a landing page is to convert, all the design, copy and usability elements should be developed with a single user problem in mind, and the text should show how the promoted product or service can solve that problem.

For example, if you create a landing page for a fitness machine that helps in achieving a specific goal, such as toning the abdominal muscles, the copy of the landing page should reflect the benefits of using that machine and how the device can help the user. At the same time, the landing page should address all the potential concerns of the user, in order to convince him to convert (purchase the machine).

Landing pages can be classified into two main categories, based on their type: click through LP and lead generation LP. The latter include lead generation forms and are also called lead capture pages. To make sure users who land on these pages will convert, the LPs should have no navigation and should limit the user’s options, so as to guide him towards the desired goal – purchase, download, subscribe and so on.