Change is the name of the game these days, as the COVID19 pandemic is changing the way we live. But change is inevitable and brands that adapt fast can use it as leverage to get closer to their customers and avoid an economic impact.

It takes some creativity, some teamwork, and a fast reaction, but they are all worth the effort if your business is online. You can stay connected to your customers, be prepared for the recovery period, or even thrive during the downturn caused by the pandemic crisis. It all depends on your ability to adapt to unexpected, sudden change.

We did our homework about businesses that did theirs. Here is how 10 Shopify stores are positioning during the COVID19 crisis.

1. Cotopaxi 

Cotopaxi is a brand that sells travel gear inspired by the Ecuadorian region of the Andes mountains. Their mission is also a social one because they support the locals in this area. Their response to the pandemic situation was to organize the Questival Quaranteam, a virtual scavenger hunt for their customers. 

shopify store dealing with covid

Their approach is great because it helps them offer alternative entertainment to customers, focused exactly on their brand values – travel, adventure, and connection. Plus, they are donating the funds collected through this online challenge to charity through the IRC Crisis Response Fund.

2. Chubbies 

Chubbies is another brand that really put all their creative wheels in action on their shorts, swimwear, and casual apparel shop. They launched a competition, challenging their customers and shop visitors to create content and become stay-fluencers. 

shopify shops marketing strategy during covid times

Not only do they keep the spirits up by organizing a fun and engaging challenge, but they also contribute to sending a responsible message about the importance of social distancing.

3. Jimmy Jazz 

The shoes and designer streetwear brand Jimmy Jazz has a more empathic approach to the COVID19 crisis. On the homepage, they remind visitors that they’re not alone in this and have a clear message about how they handle orders these days. 

shopify store covid messages

This approach is great for several reasons. First, they send an encouraging message to their audience, and second, they let them know that they are still operating. In these uncertain times, many online shoppers might be confused by whether or not the shops they’re browsing through still deliver.

4. The Brick

The same goes for the furniture shop, which welcomes customers with details about ordering and delivery options. Because they’re seeing an increased demand for appliances, they made sure to respond in advance to any questions about their products. By offering visitors straight-forward ways of getting in touch, asking questions, and ordering, they are making the shopping process smoother and keeping their business in the game. 

shopify store delivery options

Even though we’re not really fans of their products (Omniconvert does not work with things that clearly harms humans & nature (adult, betting industry, guns, cigarettes, etc), a great example of creative adaptation to the crisis comes from Vapor DNA.

Among their regular vaping products, they’ve created a category of COVID-19 supplies, featuring CBD hand sanitizer and face masks.

creating a covid-19 category on your shopify shop

By creating a special category for quarantine supplies, they win on several levels. First, they offer straight from the first screen the most wanted products of this period, which probably lead to an increase in conversion rate in their case, as well as acquiring new customers who might be discovering them on this occasion.

5. Shinesty 

Shinesty is a brave, nonconformist clothing brand featuring psychedelic-like retro and neon prints. They don’t take themselves too seriously and their tone of voice is similar to how a comedian would sell you a bathrobe. 

shopify shop quarantine collection

These days, they’ve created a quarantine collection of bathrobes and masks printed with COVID-19 inspired memes. Bonus – they are really pushing their men’s underwear line, claiming it’s comfortable enough during the work from home video calls. Kudos to them for keeping it real, positive, and aligning their copywriting with their branding. This makes it more likely for their regular customers, as well as first-time visitors, to be tempted to join the party.

6. MNML 

The streetwear brand mnml is selling minimalistic fashion exclusively online. Mnml responded fast to the situation and created brand new “quarantine” printed clothes. Moreover, they’ve made a selection of comfortable clothing, which is probably what most people who are staying at home are actually interested to buy these days.

shopify store quarantine clothes ideas

Their idea is cool because they are adapting their offer to the market request, and their idea just says “hey, we’re here with you”. And don’t we all need a reminder that we’re not alone in this? 

7. I Saw It First

We can see the same approach in other fashion e-commerces, such as, that is featuring a selection of versatile items on their homepage. They are encouraging people to stay at home, but still feeling comfortable and fashionable.

shopify marketing ideas

We like their idea of creating a Staying in lookbook, because it’s a good way to pivot in order to keep their customers positive by acknowledging that this is the new normal.

8. Nine Line Apparel

Nine Line Apparel is a clothing brand for patriots, supporting army veterans. As a response to the current conditions, they’ve started selling face masks, and also donating some. Plus, they have a brand new Survival Bundles Category, that includes coffee, snacks, as well as clothing.

face mask initiative for shopify stores

What we also like about their initiative is that they’re offering a sense of normality by keeping their annual 5k/10k running event on, but giving supporters a chance to participate in the race virtually.

9. Manduka

Manduka is a yoga products brand, selling everything from clothing to yoga mats, towels, and accessories. Because people are trying to stay active as much as they can these days, and the yoga studios are closed, they shifted towards offering their community everything they need for their at-home yoga sessions.

strategy shift during covid for shopify shops

We see Manduka focusing on products that help their customers continue their practice at home with minimal, essential gear. Moreover, they’re offering online yoga classes through their partner studios.

Their approach is great because it responds to an urgent need – home equipment. Plus, it helps people stay consistent with their practice, meaning that they will still be there when the quarantine ends. 

10. Boll and Branch

Great ideas can come from surprising industries, as well. Take Boll and Branch, for example, a home bedding, mattresses, and textile products shop.

They are now producing and donating mattresses and pillows for hospitals that care for patients with COVID19.

donation ideas during covid for shopify stores

We love their initiative because it’s a simple way to prove that any kind of help matters, especially when it comes to the overloaded healthcare system.

What’s even better is that, by giving a 10% discount, and also redirecting 10% of their revenue to the hospitals’ cause, they’re offering customers a simple way to contribute.

What else?

Other great ideas that we’ve seen across Shopify stores these days are fun campaigns, keeping visitors entertained, and donations of every kind. Also, there are many businesses offering massive discounts, and also the possibility to buy now, and pay later by using an installment system, such as BH Cosmetics.

Although offline shopping has severely reduced all over the world for non-essential goods, these businesses prove that creatively adapting the message to the crisis, giving a hand to those in need, and being there for your customers are the main things that you can do to keep your business thriving.

Have you seen other cool initiatives of eCommerce companies to tackle COVID19? 

Let us know in your comments bellow! 

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