You can’t afford to take tips about content strategies from a stranger, right? To take advantage of the following professional marketing tips that enhance your business’ sales growth, you must first know your platform by heart, and this time it’s all about Shopify marketing.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud-based shopping cart solution that uses the SaaS model (software as a service) – as a store owner, you have to pay a monthly fee to be given access to your admin panel. From there, you can enter your online store data, add your products, and process orders. All these are highly customizable, you can choose from a great selection of free or purchasable design templates. 

What Shopify allows you to do is to create and maintain an online store that you can use for selling online, promoting, and shipping your products. It is very popular mainly because it has a low startup cost and a very intuitive interface, but there are plenty of other benefits for setting up a Shopify store:

  • It is very easy to use – Adding products, creating discounts, and processing orders are made simply by using a drag-and-drop tool.
  • It has a low Startup Cost – Shopify’s has low monthly fees compared to other solutions, without sacrificing much functionality 
  • It has a lot of beautiful designs – You can choose from a variety of free or purchasable very mobile-responsive themes. 
  • Ideal for dropshipping – Shopify is the platform of choice for dropshipping, it can be done very simply from the admin panel. 
  • You receive plenty of support – Technical support can be accessed hourly via phone, live chat, or email. Self-help options are implemented as well. 

Besides, if you feel like you are lacking some kind of functionality, you can always use add-ons. 

Here’s maybe the first Shopify tip: on Shopify’s marketplace you can find over 3,500 addons. 

Some of the most used add-ons are the ones that look into shipping software and help the processing of your orders: 

  • ShippingEasy: You can use this addon to import orders, create shipments, and print postage
  • Ordoro: A shipping solution addon that includes a very good inventory management system 
  • ShipStation: The known shipping software on the market. It integrates with nearly all of the most popular shopping carts and marketing software

These advantages and addons have qualified Shopify marketing over the years as a great solution, thus allowing it to now share with you some vital tips on how to boost sales. Don’t forget to check out Shopify’s app!

The Shopify Top-Tier Tips

Always start by creating your content marketing strategy

Here’s the number one marketing tip for increased sales from the Shopify store: having a plan is always the first step of the journey. You can’t run a successful business blind and aimless. Your eCommerce business has to implement a solid content marketing strategy. 

  1. Start with a precise list of the methods you plan to employ in the future to reach out to potential customers.
  2. Allocate a budget for marketing and tick each strategy on your list you are willing to invest in – and how much
  3. Always recheck your marketing strategy on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s how you will figure out if your figures are good
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Diversify your social media presence

Diversifying your social media presence is a solid marketing idea. Different platforms work better for different markets. If you are unsure which is the right one for you, simply try testing all of them. Diversify your presence in the initial phase, see where you have the best reach for your products to sell – and then stick to that platform. For testing, you should generally create pages on the following platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest
  5. Google Plus

Always use social media analytics tools to find out the ones that work best for your product. And remember: even if you decide to invest most in, let’s say, Facebook – it’s always good for customer relationships to maintain your presence, be it minimal, on all these platforms. To be easily reachable denotes you can be trusted and are there for them.

Create a solid email marketing campaign

Efficient eCommerce marketing has its roots in email – and those roots are as strong as ever. You have to employ email marketing for your products to sell, as it’s still one of the best strategies for influencing and convincing.

By using an email-based marketing campaign, you will remain in contact with all your customers, thus always being able to send them helpful information about special offers or promotions. 

Personalize everything that can be personalized

Faceless companies are a thing of the past – especially when it comes to their online store. 

Nowadays, it’s all about content that gets to be personal, in reach with your customers – and nothing gets as personal as another person. You can entrust the brand of your company to an Instagram influencer that corresponds with your target audiences, for example. His face and your brand will become two sides of the same coin in your customers’ minds.

When it comes to dialogue with customers, use your customers’ names in the emails you send. Every such little detail has the real potential to make your customers feel special and more confident in your products and services.

Always invest in original content

Videos, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, eBooks, public speakings, anything that can help you build your brand with steadiness and clarity, and anything that can help your eCommerce site be known by your customers as a gathering point for those who want to learn more about your market from fresh and exciting materials.

That is original content.

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Pay close attention to contextual marketing

This is one of the great tips for eCommerce: use the right message in the right context to convey to a potential customer to become an actual buyer of your product. This is contextual marketing at its finest. Connect with your demographics, both via geolocation-based push notifications and by having cultural specific content strategies. 

Embrace user-generated content 

User-generated content is a great way to maintain two types of interaction:

  1. Customer – Product
  2. Customer – Customer

Any type of content created and made public by unpaid contributors – such as pictures, videos, testimonials, or blog posts, is considered user-generated content. It helps a lot with promoting your brand while not having to invest more into your already existing marketing campaign and it also gives indirect customer feedback. 

Try to upsell your products

Supersizing your orders and selling a slightly more premium and slightly more expensive product than the one originally desired by the customer are classic examples of product upselling.

This is a general practice, given that for most companies, upselling can be more profitable than spending on acquiring new clients. Upselling can be implemented at any point, since most of the time, your customers don’t know there’s a premium product available for just a little more money. Whatever is the case, for upselling to properly work, you must always make sure that: 

  1. The product you are upselling is related to the initially desired product
  2. You remain in the price range of that initially desired product
  3. The new product is arguably better than the original one.

Try to offer free shipping

Offering free shipping is something which you should seriously start considering, as it’s a great image boost and makes you be seen as confident, as comfortable enough with your current sales. 93% of customers would rather be attracted by free shipping than a discount

As a result of this, customers are much more likely to spend on companies that offer a free delivery service.

Implement a solid loyalty program

Another great idea from Shopify’s marketing tactics is implementing a quality loyalty program. This will keep people hooked to your store or even bring them back entirely. To have a loyalty program is a good step for any customer journey, as it will make existing customers feel greatly appreciated for the fact that they spent money on your company’s products.

Using such a program, you will be able to convince your most loyal customers to spend extra and receive a reward for doing it.

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Don’t forget to A/B test your checkout process

One of the most important Shopify tips is about testing your checkout process. This leads to better overall sales, simply because by doing so, you can optimize your interface and ease the access for website visitors. 

Never leave A/B testing out of your eCommerce marketing plan, running tests throughout the checkout process is vital for your long-term online sales increase. If it’s tough to pay for, a customer will simply abandon the process in its final step and look for an easier solution.

Always optimize for mobile 

Nowadays, every actual or potential customer desires mobile responsiveness. As such, any eCommerce store on any eCommerce website using any eCommerce platform HAS to optimize for mobile. Speed, interactivity, instantness – no customer wants to open up 5 different site pages anymore to create and confirm the creation of an account, for example. They expect to see a crisp, mobile-friendly, interface.

Implementing a more responsive interface will transform the way your eCommerce business is viewed by tens of thousands of potential customers that mainly use smartphones and tablets. 

Besides, mobile advertising uses precise geolocation and plenty of mobile-ready ads to more organically connect your customers to the realities of your store while they are traveling or simply enjoying their time with their loved ones. 


Remember, there is more than one working solution to be looking at for each of these 12 Shopify store marketing tips – some will work better for you than others. Regardless, taking all of these tips into account will surely tip the success of your business in your favor. Making your products and services more engaging for your clients will always pay off in the long term.

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