Conversion Rate Optimization involves using multiple tactics that could help an online business grow. One of them is a combination of surveys with A/B testing. For example, a low conversion rate on the product page may point to some design elements that don’t appeal to shoppers. But a guess won’t solve the problem. You need to know exactly why people are leaving the page instead of adding items to their cart. You can know for sure if you ask. Exit surveys can help with asking nicely the website’s visitors what is missing on that page.

In this article you’ll learn four ways to use surveys to achieve your conversion rate optimization goals.

survey conversion rate

1. Figure Visitor Satisfaction Index/ Discover Needs/ Capture Leads

Trigger: exit intention
Segment: new visitors
Involved pages: all pages, except Cart Page & Thank you page
Q: Have you found what you were looking for?
A: YES -> Thank you!
NO -> What were you searching for?
-> If you want to receive a personalized offers by email, let us know. (Incentive to subscribe to newsletter)

2. Purchase intention

Trigger: load
Segment: each important traffic source
Involved pages: Landing Pages, except the ones for AdWords campaigns
-> Welcome to our site! Can you help us by telling what’s your intention?

3. Conversion Barriers

Trigger: exit intent
Segment: each important traffic source
Involved pages: Cart Page
-> Why have you chosen not to finish the order?
[open answer] – you get subjective responses and insights
[one choice] – allows you to see statistical results and compare how different barriers affect customer’s behavior. It is recommended to use this type of survey after an open question survey.

4. Net Promoter Score

Trigger:  exit intent
Segment: all visitors or new/returning visitors:
Involved pages: Thank You Page
-> How likely are you to recommend our website to your friends and colleagues?

The net promoter score is a key performance indicator that allows you to forecast how your actual customers are going to promote you in the future. As you know, word of mouth is the most effective method to get visible online.

Once you collect enough qualitative data, you will be able to figure solutions to improve the website and test them with an A/B testing tool. To be able to use this combination of surveys and A/B testing you would have to purchase two different products – one for A/B testing and the other for surveys. Omniconvert is a complete conversion rate optimization tool that allows doing both surveys and A/B testing. Give it a try for free – you have 14 days to test it if you sign up for an account.