Nowadays, the speed at which things are happening is automatically shifting the way we think and act. Since marketing is a recently discovered science in the history of men, and it’s still surviving, it becomes clear that marketing professionals have understood something. They need to adapt to the fast progress encountered technology to keep marketing alive.

To remain competitive in this dynamic environment, you need to remain focused. And when you truly understand that the focus is the key to unlocking performance, it becomes easier to come up with great ideas and innovate.

InnovateYou need to innovate to become a champion.

To achieve the great results that you’re dreaming about, you need great people in your team. No matter what, you have to hire people that are good at what they do. You need specialists that know more than you do in specific fields such as SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Copywriting and so on. Only by looking at the organizational chart  for the marketing department, you’ll observe that people cover specific functions. But are they created based on the company’s need?

Next time you look at how are your people being distributed within the marketing department, make sure to allocate resources to research and conversion rate optimization. Without specialists in these fields, you’ll have difficulties in covering the company’s needs.

To understand the role of a CRO specialist in the marketing department, you’ll need to consider the following aspects:

  1.  You need to create marketing programs that will delight the CEO or other members of the board
  2. If you pay for data, then use it
  3. You need to measure
  4. Business goals are the most important
  5. You need to remain competitive

Every marketing manager or director has these five tasks on his/her TO DO list. I’ll elaborate on how the CRO specialist can help achieving any of these tasks with greatness.

1. You need to create marketing programs that will delight the CEO or other members of the board

Hire CRO specialist

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Conversion rate optimization is a data-driven marketing tactic. It’s a part of what marketers call performance marketing. Performance marketing means results. When the top management is asking you to justify your choices of marketing programs, you need data to support your arguments. The CRO specialist is capable of providing them because that’s included his job description. That’s what he has to deliver.

2. If you pay for data, then use it

The data analysis specialists have the responsibility to track the achievement of the KPIs withing the marketing department and to generate insights. But the research is a recurring task, and you need someone in the team to use the information provided by the people who make this research. No matter what, you should not pay someone to analyze data just for the sake of it. If you don’t use the information, then you’re throwing away money on the window!

Hire CRO Specialist

The CRO specialist is using data from Web Analytics, surveys, feedback forms and other types of qualitative data to formulate testing hypotheses and discover winning conversion paths that customers are taking on the website. The CRO team could be a duo or a trio depending on your needs and capabilities, but what’s certain is that you need someone focused on conversions and results.

3. You need to measure

Hire CRO SpecialistMeasure well to target well.

What’s great about the CRO specialist is that he/she cannot work in any other way than with data and KPIs. Unlike the other complementary marketing tactics, CRO needs frameworks, clear procedures and disciplined people to handle it.

4. Business goals are the most important

The hierarchy is Goals, which are greater than Objectives and then KPIs. Goals indicate the general direction while objectives are the specific actions that people need to take to achieve goals. KPis are showing how you and your people are doing against the objectives.

Knowing how goals, objectives, and KPIs work together will help creating a CRO department. The CRO specialist will help you acquire the target for the established KPIs, by tracking them and constantly reporting. When something’s not working, he has to report the anomalies to you and work on stopping or readjusting some actions.

5. You need to remain competitive

Conversion rate optimization is not new, nor old. But stay ahead! In the e-commerce industry, it looks that 2015’s trend is personalization. Personalization is the next step in providing an excellent experience to the website’s visitors. Surely, you cannot do personalization if you haven’t optimized the website and don’t have an on-going procedure for optimization. To embrace personalization, you need a dedicated team to doing CRO the smart way.

Finally, I hope that I managed to anticipate some of your concerns regarding the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and the way things are going within the marketing team. Don’t forget that it’s not the marketing that’s selling products or services, but the people who do the marketing. Make sure to learn constantly and train your people to do the same.